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HTSA Partners with Maverick Technical Institute to Create All-New Masterclass Training Program for Technicians

Barrington, IL:  The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), a leading national retail and custom integration buying group, has partnered with Maverick Technical Institute (MTI) to create an all-new HTSA Masterclass training program for technicians. This new educational program, known as the  HTSA Accelerated EST Masterclass, is a comprehensive training curriculum that is designed to advance the knowledge and professionalism of basic level installation technicians.

Maverick Technical Institute launched in 2015 and is the brainchild of Dennis Jaques and his colleagues at Maverick Integration, a custom integration business in Nashua, NH. Jaques found it difficult and frustrating to locate qualified electronic systems techs (ESTs) to hire for his bustling integration business. From this frustration came the idea to establish a custom integration-focused trade school that would educate future ESTs in the most important technologies of the day, share critical best practices knowledge, and teach the most professional installation techniques – all conducted in a real-world environment with hands-on labs and materials.

World-Class  Facility, Real-World Curriculum

To this end, Maverick Technical Institute has created a 7,000 sq. ft. world-class training facility, complete with classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories fully stocked with all of the tools, racks, and connectivity required to offer students a real-world work experience. School Executive Director Joe Boston and MTI’s instructors, in cooperation with HTSA management,  have developed an intense week-long curriculum for HTSA techs that is drawn from their incredibly comprehensive 1100-hour training program that is based on combined elements of ESPA, CEDIA, and select commercial programs.

Make no mistake, HTSA techs will be truly tested as MTI has created a jam-packed curriculum for this special workshop, with four full 8½-hour days and one half-day agenda. Topics span the gamut of required knowledge for techs including: electrical safety, pre-wire, wiring, wireless transmission, panel termination, cable termination, fiber termination, speaker installation, amplifier installation, and much more. And because MTI views itself as a cut above the typical trade school, instructors will also educate the HTSA techs on professionalism.

“This is no simple hour-long seminar where all attendees get a rubber-stamped participation award,” said Joe Boston, Executive Director of Maverick Technical Institute. “I hope HTSA techs are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, because they are facing an intense week, densely packed with everything they need to know to advance their professionalism as an electronics systems tech.”

Program Certification

At the end of the week-long workshop, HTSA techs will be tested on their new knowledge. Those who pass the examination will receive a certificate of completion from MTI.

The first Accelerated EST Masterclass will take place at MTI’s facility in New Hampshire the week of August 8th. Fully 25 HTSA members have signed up for this first class, sending those techs that show the potential to grow into a true professional. The organization is planning additional classes in the near future – including advanced classes. MTI and HTSA have created three full levels of tech training workshops.

“When Jon Robbins approached us with the idea of custom designing a workshop specifically for HTSA members, we were instantly struck by his obvious commitment to high-quality education for his members,” said Dennis Jaques, founder of Maverick Technical Institute. “Maverick Technical Institute is founded on the premise of providing a higher-level of professional EST education, and in that respect we feel strong synergism with Jon and HTSA.”

Leading the Industry with Education

HTSA has made a serious commitment to leading the industry in the quantity and variety of educational programs being created and made available to its members. While education has always been an important element of HTSA member benefits, Executive Director Jon Robbins has vowed to make it a cornerstone of the organization, ever since he was named as the group’s leader late last year. And while many buying groups offer education in the form of best practices sharing, HTSA will not only continue in that practice, but also work with outside experts to help create advanced educational programs that raise the level of all of its members.

“We are very excited at the potential offered by this new collaboration with Maverick Technical Institute,” said Home Technology Specialists of America Executive Director Jon Robbins. “I had the opportunity to tour their facility and meet owner Dennis Jaques and his team, and came away extremely impressed.  There is a deep philosophical resonance between MTI’s goal of creating a more professional EST, and HTSA’s goal of leading the custom integration field in terms of professionalism and high-performance solutions.”

HTSA continues to work on developing more educational resources and expects to offer more Masterclass solutions in the near future.

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