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HoverCam to Showcase Award-Winning Digital Classroom Technology at FAEDS 2019

SAN DIEGO — Sept. 12, 2019 — HoverCam, a leader in innovative, interactive, and engaging education solutions, will demonstrate its award-winning technology for digital classrooms at Booth 4 at the Florida Association of Educational Data Systems 2019 (FAEDS 2019) conference, Sept. 15-18 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. At the show, the company will feature its Pilot X digital teaching station.

“For many modern classrooms, lack of mobility can hinder success, forcing teachers to remain in one spot, often with their backs turned to their students,” said Ji Shen, CEO of HoverCam. “HoverCam works to address this issue by providing robust and intuitive solutions that free educators from traditional desks and AV carts. At FAEDS 2019, attendees will have the opportunity to experience our latest innovation in teaching stations. The award-winning Pilot X gives today’s educators the ability to engage with students directly, anywhere in the classroom.”

Part of HoverCam’s industry-leading Pilot series, the Pilot X is a tablet-based, battery-operated, wireless digital teaching station designed for ultra-mobility. The 13-inch, 10-point-touch tablet can be charged while docked on the station or be removed to grant teachers more flexibility to move around the classroom. At the end of day, users simply remove the tablet and store it in the podium’s tablet bay for overnight security and charging.

Pilot X features a Windows® PC and 13-megapixel document camera, eliminating the outdated AV cart and putting the essential components educators need to enrich their students’ lives without being tethered to a desk or lectern. Teachers can work from the station or quickly disconnect the tablet for even greater mobility — taking advantage of student collaboration opportunities as they arise. The Pilot X wireless transceivers instantly beam the teaching station’s screen and touch annotations to any interactive flat panel, projector, or TV in uncompressed 1080p HD resolution, and the document camera also features a built-in microphone for capturing audio. Finally, with no dangling cords and cables, the room is kept clean and students are kept safe from tripping hazards.

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About HoverCam
A technology leader in the education market, HoverCam delivers innovative presentation systems that keep learning environments engaging, interactive, and simple to operate. HoverCam reinvigorated the learning and teaching experience with the social learning interface ClassFusion, its family of CenterStage hyper-touch-capacitive interactive flat panel displays, Pilot wireless digital teaching stations, the 13-megapixel Solo 8Plus document camera, and the Nillo 100 — the world’s first Android-powered, high-performance digital document camera. With integration in over 300,000 classrooms, HoverCam is focused on setting the standard for the 21st-century classroom with the most effective tools to help teachers and students thrive. More information can be found at

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