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Guitarist Tyler Morris Solves Chronic String-Breakage with SonoTone Premium Strings

Boston, January 12, 2021 — While it may be rare for a 22-year-old to be considered a “veteran” in any industry, Tyler Morris has spent over a decade in the music business, both as a performing and recording artist, as well as an engineering entrepreneur. As of this past April, Morris released his fourth studio album, Living In The Shadows, which reached No.3 on the iTunes and Billboard Blues charts, and featured recordings with blues legends like Ronnie Earl, Joe Louis Walker and Mike Zito, as well as acclaimed vocalist Amanda Fish. 

But, with any tour in support of the album postponed for the time being, Morris has been back in the studio recording tracks with some of his favorite artists and writing songs with industry veterans — all while using SonoTone Fusion strings on each of his guitars. In fact, he likes them so much that he recommends SonoTone strings to any other guitar players who ask about strings, not only for their durability, tonal quality, increased resonance and sustain, but also for SonoTone founder P.K. Pandey’s personal touch when it comes to customer service.

Stronger strings for ties that bind

While Morris may have come to prefer the unique sound of the custom alloy used to make SonoTone Fusion series strings, he’s experimented with all the different series as the SonoTone brand has grown and developed, since even before SonoTone founder P.K. Pandey had decided on a brand name for his strings. 

“I’ve known P.K. since I was like 10, or so,” Morris said, who began performing live in professional showcases at B.B. King’s Blues Club, starting at age 11. 

“We’ve been longtime friends, along with my dad. I knew him for a long while at GC Pro. Then, I continued to keep in touch with him through Mad Oak Studios, PK’s recording studio in Boston. I’ve been using SonoTone strings since even before he had official packaging and the SonoTone brand-name. I still have some of the prototypes he gave me, and there’s even one pack from before he started deciding on the final variety names.

“He had already started sending packs to Joe Perry, who helped test them, and Jeff Beck at the point when, one night, I was over at Mad Oak. I happen to have the same luthier as P.K., and we were both having this problem. Because P.K. and I like similar kinds of music, we both play pretty aggressively, with high bends, and we were both having this same problem — where the G, B, and E strings would just break — so, any set other brands’ would only last a month or two, at best. Since we had the same luthier, we would both have him solder our strings, as a temporary solution. 

“Since I started using SonoTone, though, I still haven’t broken a string. And I would say that even a year or two later. And, I would say the resonance of my two-or-so-year-old SonoTone strings is better than any other brand new out of the package! Plus, SonoTone strings feel worn-in as soon as you put them on, and the volume is noticeably louder and brings out the acoustic resonance of the wood. I have guitars I’ve retired from the road that still have the old SonoTone strings on them that I pick up once a week.

Customer service unlike any other string company

Manufactured using high-quality, domestically sourced materials, and made by hand in small batches in the U.S., SonoTone premium strings offer artists increased resonance, sustain, and durability — plus, with P.K. Pandey at the helm, professional guitarists who switch to SonoTone strings can also receive the care and customer service expertise of a lifelong music business and recording industry veteran. 

As a recent example Morris mentions another professional player whom he turned on to SonoTone: RATT lead guitarist Jordan Ziff. who had been having his own set of difficulties of his own when it came to finding his own ideal guitar strings.“I connected him with P.K. and have him send you whatever you’re interested in, and said, ‘I’m telling you, if you A/B these strings, you’re going to really dig what’s going on.’ Well, I guess he really liked them!

“P.K. is just an awesome dude, and he’s all about the promotion of all types of artists — not just the household or A-list names. And I really respect that about him.”

About SonoTone

SonoTone is a small batch high-quality string manufacturer based in Massachusetts. In a world of commoditized, all-purpose guitar strings sold to the mass market, SonoTone strings are authentic, comfortable and expressive and sold directly to the customer. For more about SonoTone, please visit our website at