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Genius Projection of SmartWatch on Indiegogo

The Genius projection SmartWatch positions strategic marketing campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo: This new initiative is to bring forth a new generation of smartwatch that contains an advanced micro projection technology to the public.

STRASBURG, Va., Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Genius SmartWatch, a Virginia based company, has created the first ever multi-function projection smartwatch, scheduled for production later this year. This remarkably innovative timepiece uses LED micro technology, social notifications, sport functions, and wireless technology to bring the generation of smartwatches to life.

According to the founder, Karl Jackson, the reason behind Genius SmartWatch is simple. “We have evolved into the “internet of things” which is bigger than the internet and our new smartwatch design is unique, innovative and fashionable,” said Jackson.

The Genius SmartWatch comes with a very stylish unisex design and incorporates multi-functions, fashion and uniqueness. In its early stages, the watch will be available in two standard colors: Silver or gold. The projection micro display function increases the size of the image on the back of the hand made possible by the newest LED technology that works both day and night.  It can also be personalized by changing the color of the projection image. You can sync your watch with your mobile phone or smart devices via the Genius SW app and set to display notifications, reminders, incoming calls, text messages, social media and a wide variety of other customized projections. “Genius SmartWatch will help you stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts,” Jackson said. As part of the user-friendly functionality, you simply shake your wrist to dismiss a notification.

To bring their watch to the public, the Genius SmartWatch team has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has a target goal of $100,000, which will be used for engineering, software development, testing, manufacturing and shipping. Supporters of this campaign have the opportunity to own one of these watches at a greatly reduced price.

Plus an Early Bird special perk: the BeepMine finder. It is slightly larger than a quarter and can be placed on children, pets, car-keys, luggage and mobile devices. It will beep your mobile device when your valuables are at distance of up to 100 feet.  However, the discounted reward levels and perks are limited in quantities, first-come first serve basis, and disappearing fast.

Full details about Genius SmartWatch can be found on their campaign page:

About Genius SmartWatch:
Karl Jackson, a Univ. of Pittsburgh honors grad in Psychology and Computer Science, is the founder of Genius SmartWatch and owns two world’s first technical products to his credit. Karl is the creative mind of the concept. His team consists of engineers, manufacturing, testing and quality control experts. To learn more about the Genius SmartWatch crowdfunding project, visit:

Media Contact:
Karl Jackson