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First-Ever Titanium Alloy Curved iPhone 6 Screen Protector Takes Protection to a New Level: Gladiator Glass

LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — One of the most common problems with mobile phones is damage to the screens.  The slightest drop can cause the dreaded spider web of gashes and cracks which can cost hundreds to replace.  Kyasi, an emerging manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, introduces the Gladiator Glass collection, the world’s first titanium alloy curved screen protector for the iPhone 6 with a ballistic grade tempered glass screen cover inset. The campaign is available for funding at

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Gladiator Glass features a tempered glass screen protector for ultimate drop protection. What sets the product apart is the unique curved titanium alloy edges that wrap around, also protecting the edges of the phone that most screen covers neglect. Having Gladiator Glass on a phone can protect it up to 300% more than just having the screen alone, without the annoying bubbles and cloudiness.

Features of Gladiator Glass Screen Protectors include:

    —  Screen clarity remains at 99.9% clear. It is virtually invisible on the

        screen itself.

    —  There is no loss of touch sensitivity.

    —  The coordinating colors available add a stylish form of superior


    —  Available for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

    —  Works with most phone cases.

The iPhone 6 is notorious for screen damage.  Every day contact such as loose change and keys can cause irreparable damage to the phone and makes it less valuable at resale. By simply adding the Gladiator Glass, the phone is instantly worth more in the long run. The product features a lifetime guarantee; should it break, Kyasi will replace it free of charge.

“Phones are some of the biggest and most important purchases we make every few years,” says CEO Steve Simonson. “Gladiator Glass helps protect your investment by making the iPhone screen virtually indestructible. Now owners will have peace of mind when their phone is subject to potential damage from every day use or unforeseen accidents.”

Kyasi’s Gladiator Glass is available for funding at

About Kyasi

Kyasi is a fast growing and emerging manufacturer offering our own brand of top quality mobile accessories. In only a few years Kyasi has grown to stock products in the USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany. Kyasi is a USA based company but serves over 28 countries with 2-3 day ground shipping service and no customs clearance problems. The business still maintains a “startup” mentality at all times.

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