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Enhance security and privacy with new Sesame 2 Bluetooth Smart key fob

LONDON, UK – 21 October 2014Atama, a UK developer and manufacturer of connected devices, today launches the next generation version of its Sesame Bluetooth Smart key fob, designed to automatically lock Mac computers when users walk away from their screen. Ideal for office workers handling confidential data, busy parents wanting to stop children going online without supervision and students. Sesame 2 prevents unauthorised access to important files, private emails, personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and disables any other applications open on the users desktop when in a public place. Sesame 2 is available now from Atama’s Online Store for USD 49 / £39.95 inc VAT / €49.95 inc VAT and the AppleOnline Store in Europe.

Sesame 2 also features an iTunes and Spotify pause/play function that allows users to temporarily mute music playing until they return to their screen when the volume will be restored, and can also set messages or Skype’s status to ‘away’ until the computer is reactivated. With support for Apple Script, Sesame 2 can interact with most Mac Apps and perform actions when the user walks away or comes back.

The key fob’s external redesign offers a slimmer 6mm thick device and weighs just 10 grams. The Sesame 2 also offers shorter locking distances and lets users adjust the sensitivity of the key fob to lock their Mac screen. Further enhancements offer longer battery life, and increased Bluetooth signal stability.

If used when remote working, the two-factor authentication offers additional security by unlocking the computer through the combination of a system password and close presence of the Sesame 2 key fob.


About Atama
Based in West London, Atama specialises in the design and production of connected devices for smartphones, laptops and computers. Sometimes refereed to as ‘Appcessories’ and generally fall under the ‘internet of things’ category, the company combines hardware devices with apps to create products that effectively solve problems.

Through a core team of in-house engineers, designers and software developers with experience in Wi-Fi, iPhone/iPad docks, DAB and Bluetooth, Atama works hard to create low-energy solutions that help with everyday tasks and workflow. Atama has also partnered with several organisations as the ‘go to in-house hardware team’ to help bring connected devices to market.

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