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Laguna Niguel, CA  –  The Elite Distributor Alliance announced today the addition of two new Distributor Members, Sierra Select Distributors and Davis Distribution Systems.

Davis Distribution Systems is the EDA distributor of record for Ohio, West Virginia, W. Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky.  Sierra Select Distributors is the EDA distributor of record for Northern California.  Craig Breinholt from Mountain West Distributors, EDA’s vice president, said, “We voted on these two distributors during a conference call of EDA members Monday.  It was remarkable.  The discussion was replete with effusive praise for the business capability, ethics and integrity of both Sierra Select Distributors and Davis Distribution Systems.  We are eager to work together with them”.

Dan Haight from Pioneer Music added, “The EDA is adding 2 new members that will be a perfect fit not only in commonality but also in a burning desire to be part of something great!!!  STAY TUNED!!!”

Sierra Select’s John Tatro articulated, “Sierra Select is excited to join a dynamic group of distributors that are focused on bringing real value to the mobile electronics market.  With a focus on education, emerging technologies, diversified categories, just in time delivery, and appreciable profit margins, the EDA is positioned favorably to be the primary supplier to the wholesale customer channel in mobile entertainment.  Sierra is ready to engage with the new vendors immediately and we look forward to a long, healthy and productive relationship with the group.”

Nate Taliani of Davis Distribution Systems contributed, “Davis Distribution is very excited to join the EDA. Over the years I have been able to get to know some of the other members and have a great deal of respect for them.  I am looking forward to get to work with all of the EDA members.  We are hoping that as a collective group of strong distributors across the county that Davis Distribution will be able to have a stronger voice conveying to manufactures the challenges that ourselves and our dealer base face on a daily basis.”

Aron Demers from VOXX an EDA Vendor Partner observed, “Both these distributors are long term Voxx customers and best of class in each of their respective markets.  They are both great additions to the EDA group and we look forward to growing VOXX sales with both customers.”

About the Elite Distributor Alliance:  Each EDA member is recognized as among the most respected and capable regional distributors in their respective territory.  Functioning as a cohesive business organization the EDA moves the needle with a national footprint.  The EDA is member owned and focused on delivering growth for Vendor Partners.  The EDA realizes the importance for the vendor to “make a sale today”.  More importantly the EDA looks to help the vendor create lots of tomorrow’s sales for that vendor which are built into the making of that sale today.    Delivering great brands and first class service to retailers is the way we make it all work.  For more information contact Ray Windsor at mobile 949-228-2153 or office 949-249-8184 or [email protected]