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E-commerce Retailer the Wearables Store adds 23 Top-Brands to its Website

Philadelphia, PA —  – the electronic industry’s first and only niche e-commerce website that connects consumer’s mind, body, and spirit through Wearable technology and Internet of Things (IOT) products – has added 23 top-brands and over a 100 new products from the Wearables and Internet of Things industries to its website.

They include well-established brands Samsung and Garmin, along with other emerging companies such as Withings, iControl, SMS Audio, Fuse Chicken, Bellabeat, WristBoom, and Minecraft’s Gameband.  In conjunction with these new brands and products, the company is going live with a redesigned website at the GetGeeked Show in Brooklyn, NY on October 15, 2015. 

Stephen Spivak, founder of says “Since the launch of our business in June, we have seen high demand from customers online, and also from the supply side of Wearable and IOT manufacturers wanting to work with us and sell their products on our store.  We’ve added 23 brands that represent three new product categories for us, along with adding two new major distributors in the electronic industry, and a fresh updated website design to top it all off.  Mostly, I’m excited for our customers who get to reap the rewards of all these new products and redesigned website and to see the vision of this independent superstore with the largest variety of only Wearable and IOT products continue to grow” continues to offer consumers direct purchasing of the latest and most innovative Wearable and IOT products on the market such as smart watches, fitness and activity trackers, headphones, cameras, and clothing.  By working directly with the distributors and manufacturers, is able to have very competitive pricing and pass it on to each customer – in addition to Free Shipping.   

“What’s great about all these new brands is that we sourced them from our distribution partners, and also have gone direct for the first time with the manufactures themselves in some cases.  This allows us to get new products first and before they enter the large distribution channels and other general retailers.  We can then offer them exclusively to our customers, create special marketing programs with our vendors, and grow the scope of the product categories we sell.  For instance, now we carry products in the new category of Smart Jewelry and this allows us to reach more female consumers with products that ultimately help them and are good for them.” Spivak continues.

Handl is a great example of an emerging Wearable company whose products are being launched into retail on  Founded by Allen Hirsch – well known NY artist, painter, and entrepreneur, HandL is designed to make your phone feel like an organic extension of your hand and helps you operate it with less effort.  This, plus many more products, can be found exclusively at

The 23 new brands added to the Wearables Store include:

Spree                                    Striiv                                     Runtastic                             Okidokeys          Sandisk

Veho                                     Garmin                                 Ather                                    Biometrics          Handl

Fuse Chicken                     VSN Mobile                       Bellabeat                            WristBoom         Kodak

Monster                              Panasonic                           Papago                                 iControl                               SMS

Smartgear.US                    Sunsense                            Samsung