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Double the Holiday “LeJoy” During LeEco’s “LeMall for All!” Four Day Black Friday Event

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – LeEco has detailed the company’s four day Black Friday event in the U.S., which kicks off on Friday, November 25, 12:01 a.m. PT, and continues through Cyber Monday, Monday, November 28, 11:59 p.m. PT.

On top of its already disruptive prices, the company offers customers the chance to not only bundle an ecotv and ecophone to save more, but grab even greater savings with a “spin of the wheel.” Customers who purchase a Super4 X65 or Super4 X55 ecotv will also receive a Le S3 ecophone, a $200 LeRewards instant rebate, and the opportunity to receive another $100 instant rebate with a spin of the wheel. Customers who purchase an ecophone can add a valuable accessory bundle at incredible savings, plus a chance for another $20 coupon with a spin of the wheel.

The complete list of offers includes:


Super4 X65 — $1,099 ($200 LeRewards instant rebate plus $100 spinner coupon applied towards the MSRP of $1,399) including a Le S3 ecophone (valued at $249)

Super4 X55 — $599 ($200 LeRewards instant rebate plus $100 spinner coupon applied towards the MSRP of $899) including a Le S3 ecophone (valued at $249)

Super4 X43 Pro — $349 ($200 LeRewards instant rebate plus $100 spinner coupon applied towards the MSRP of $649)

uMax85 — $3,999 ($1,000 LeRewards instant rebate applied towards the MSRP of $4,999)


Le Pro3 — $279

($100 LeRewards instant rebate and $20 spinner coupon applied towards the MSRP of $399)

Customers who purchase a Le Pro3 also have the option to purchase an exclusive bundle for $19.98 that includes a LeTV Super Power Bank and Letv Bluetooth speaker (total value of bundle is $80)

Le S3 — $129

($100 LeRewards instant rebate and $20 spinner coupon applied towards the MSRP of $249)

Customers who purchase a Le S3 also have the option to purchase an exclusive gift bag for $11.97 that includes an ecophone case, an ecophone screen protector and Letv Super Power Bank or Letv Bluetooth speaker (total value of the bundle is $70)

To qualify for the event, customers must pre-register for LeRewards at by clicking on the LeRewards banner. From there, the web site will take you through the process of signing up for an account and selecting the LeRewards instant rebate you’d like to claim. The instant rebate will be automatically uploaded into your account for you to use when the Black Friday sale begins on Friday, November 25, 12:01 a.m. PT.  The event last through Cyber Monday, ending at 11:59 p.m. PT, Monday, November 28.

About LeEco

LeEco is a leading global technology company that provides breakthrough experiences through its open, integrated ecosystem of streaming content, platforms, and smart devices that fit perfectly into a broad spectrum of lifestyles. LeEco opens new opportunities for consumers by offering a wide array of next-generation connected products – including smartphones, TVs, bikes and cars – and content spanning sports, film and live entertainment. LeEco was recently named one of Fast Company’s 2016 “Most Innovative Companies,” and Alphr’s “Best of Mobile World Congress – Most Innovative Company.” To learn more, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter. is LeEco’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform.  As the primary entry point for consumers to experience the company’s ecosystem of disruptive products including ecophones, ecotvs, smart bikes, cars and other smart devices, LeMall encourages customers to interact and fully participate in shaping the future products and services through customer programs and transparent communication. LeMall is currently operating in China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, and the U.S.

About LeEco’s Ecosystem and Platform

LeEco’s revolutionary Ecosystem User Interface (eui) is an intuitive interface that unifies our ecosystem with two core principles: breaking device boundaries and putting content at the heart of the experience. The eui experience eliminates the fragmented user experience by seamlessly connecting software, hardware, platform, content and apps across LeEco devices

Cast content from a LeEco ecophone to an ecotv with a simple swipe.  This is the power and potential of eui.  Content is always available at a touch of a button, regardless of which device individuals are using, or even where they are using them.  LeEco’s unique 3×3 mosaic of streaming channels puts content from some of the world’s top producers front and center.  With one swipe of a finger, users can access a window to all their content on the LeView screen. LeView offers a preview of all their apps with recommended programming based on viewing habits from the LeEco content library.

And when they want to lean back, kick their feet up and watch their favorite movies, the LE app will be the favorite gateway to irresistible entertainment. LE delivers unlimited hours of dazzling entertainment and recommends programming based on viewing habits.

The definitive TV experience, the LeLIVE™ app delivers their favorite TV channels with a simple touch on the home screen. LeLIVE offers an unmatched TV viewing experience for provocative and outrageous entertainment on nine simultaneous screens literally in the palm of their hands.

Central to the experience is having content always at the ready.  LeEco has an open video cloud platform that covers 60+ countries and major cities across five continents with 20 Tbpd output bandwidth. With over 680 nodes, LeEco is the largest CDN node player in the world, and one of the largest cloud service providers for the B2B marketplace in China.

Content has always been at the heart of LeEco’s vision. Since its inception in 2004, LeEco has amassed more than 5,000 movies and 100,000 TV episodes, and attracted 50+ million daily active users and 730+ million monthly active users in China. To learn more about LeEco’s U.S. content partners, visit