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Digital Audio Signal Processing for Mobile Gets Real: The Downloadable TWEEQ App for KICKER IQ-Series Amplifiers

STILLWATER, USA – KICKER® takes mobile audio functionality deeper into the digital domain with release of the TWEEQ™ Mobile App. This software, easily downloaded directly from, turns computers, smartphones and tablets into studio-quality mobile mastering consoles. Designed for use with the advanced new Q-Class IQ series of amplifiers, TWEEQ™ can transform a car audio enthusiast into a sound engineer in minutes using its elegant graphic interface and simple setup wizard.

As its name suggests, TWEEQ™ lets anyone from an installer to an ordinary car audio fan “tweak” crucial amp and speaker settings with digital pinpoint accuracy. By placing advanced equalization tools into a visually sharp and easy to use graphic interface, KICKER® has vastly simplified a once daunting manual process requiring real time analyzers and other complicated professional-grade gear. Mobile audio novices will be thrilled by the ease of use; mobile audio experts will delight in new expanded possibilities offered by the TWEEQ™ Mobile App.

TWEEQ is downloaded to any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC computer and connects to the KICKER IQ-Series amplifier using a mini USB cable. TWEEQ is also available for an Apple or Android device and offers setup and control via a wireless Bluetooth connection with the optional IQ Interface (IQI™).

To unlock the power of new KICKER® Q-Class IQ series amplifiers, just double-click on the TWEEQ™ icon. Without the user doing anything, TWEEQ™ automatically detects the exact KICKER® amp it’s connected to. Next, a familiar configuration “wizard” window pops up (similar to the best-known software programs), and asks a series of questions. Basic parameters are entered with simple pulldown menus (speaker size, position), then TWEEQ™ automatically sets crossover points and time delay settings. This takes about two minutes.

From here, TWEEQ™ steps the user through selecting which (if any) channels they wish to bridge, fader selection, choosing output source for the subwoofer, determining discrete speaker location for each amplifier channel, as well as speaker sizes in every position. TWEEQ™ then allows the user to fine-tune the car sound “sweet spot” by simply measuring driver distance from each speaker and entering it as inches or centimeters. Once that’s done, click “Finish” and TWEEQ™ instantly configures your car audio system. Total time spent: 10 minutes.

That simple process, with no additional adjustments, will yield an incomparable car stereo sound experience. But TWEEQ™ goes even further. After listening to the initial results of the configuration wizard, users can go back to the TWEEQ™ interface and make even finer adjustments to crossover points and slope (in high pass and low pass ranges) for each speaker and channel in the system. The cool and visual TWEEQ™ graphic EQ makes these changes quick and easy for anyone, regardless of technical knowledge.

TWEEQ™ also offers an Advanced tab where users can access the Input Mixer. This feature can not only customize signal routing, but it also enables delicate adjustments to settings like time alignment, starting at the settings previously entered by the configuration wizard.

TWEEQ provides a comprehensive system-tuning capability, featuring:

●     Full crossover control: High pass, low pass and band pass. Allows for fully active systems with no passive crossovers;

●     1/3 Octave EQ (every channel): Allows for precise boost and cut of 31 frequencies to smooth out a car’s acoustics;

●     Compression/limiting (every channel): Allows the user to design and set up a system that plays at full potential without damaging speakers or subwoofers;

●     Input/output mixer: Any input channel can be routed to any output channel which allows for complex, multi-amp and speaker sound systems;

●     Time alignment: Puts the driver in the front row and center stage of any concert, inside the car of course;

●     Save configuration files: The user can tune the system for SPL, sound quality and everyday listening, and save the profiles.

“Car stereo equalization reflects highly personal tastes,” said Steve Irby, KICKER founder and president. “We’ve created TWEEQ so that customers who choose our sophisticated Q-Class IQ series of amplifiers can experience the most sublime performance imaginable. We’ve made TWEEQ so easy to use, so visual and intelligent, that anyone with a laptop or mobile device can achieve his or her own unique, individual soundstage in minutes. It’s a genuine breakthrough in mobile audio EQ technology.”

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized retailers worldwide, and also as Original Equipment for automobile manufacturers. Consumers seeking more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand website at Follow KICKER socially at,, or