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HARRISBURG, PA – November 17, 2014 – D&H Distributing, the leading North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor announced it has entered into an agreement with “wearable” device manufacturer Striiv to be the exclusive distributor of the Fusion Band activity and sleep tracker, which functions as both a monitoring bracelet and a smart watch.  Available for Android and iOS operating systems, the Fusion bracelet allows users to track activities such as the number of steps, distance and calories burned during workouts; plus tracks the wearer’s sleep patterns and offers a sleep alarm feature.  It provides at-a-glance notifications for incoming phone calls, SMS, text and more; plus integrates various apps and games in coordination with the users’ smart phone. 

The Striiv Fusion will be offered at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99.00 (restrictions may apply).  The device comes with swappable bands in red, black and blue.  D&H carries a multitude of additional activity bracelets from Striiv, one of the distributor’s recent partners in this emerging category.

The Fusion bracelet is an example of how wearables devices empower users to monitor both their personal functions and their electronic messages concurrently.  Such items play into the “Internet of Things” ideology, wherein consumers are predicted to exist in a world where everything, from our homes to our computers to our own bodies, is digitally connected.

“Wearables could easily have passed into the realm of a novelty item, but that’s not what has happened,” said Rob Eby, vice president of purchasing at D&H Distributing, “Instead wearables have quickly elevated to a full-fledged trend.  Consumers obviously want to engage in an always-on, always-connected mentality, wearing their notifications literally on their sleeves, and welcoming electronic monitoring into their personal fitness practices.  The devices have piqued the public’s interest, generating a new and successful frontier for consumer electronics sales.  And as the infrastructure for these devices matures, we will see much more integration of self-monitoring in the healthcare industry to complement paradigms such as telehealth solutions and all-digital patient records.”

About D&H Distributing

As the nation’s leading technology distributor, D&H provides a wealth of resources to empower the dealer, retailer, installer and reseller channel, delivering a broad selection of categories, products and applications.  The company’s offerings span the areas of consumer electronics, mobility, home entertainment, home networking and automation, small office/home office, video surveillance, digital imaging, video gaming, sports and recreation, home and outdoors and more.  D&H’s multi-market expertise, account-dedicated sales teams, sterling service and flexible financing options are unmatched in the industry.

With an impressive 96-year history serving as a trusted advisor to the consumer electronics supply channel, D&H has been able to consistently reinvent itself based upon changing market conditions.  The company prides itself on creating business partnerships with an astute focus on ease-of-doing-business, relationships, value, performance and service. 

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