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CLCKR Launches Accessory Range for New iPhone SE

New York, NY, April 20, 2020 — CLCKR, the mobile phone accessory company, announced today that its range of multi-functional stand and grip products are now available for the new iPhone SE. The range includes a phone case with in-built CLCKR stand and grip, as well as a universal CLCKR stand and grip that fixes directly to the device. With the iPhone SE* now available to pre-order, new owners will be looking for affordable accessories to protect their device and enable them to experience all the incredible features the phone has to offer. CLCKR’s range is designed with style, functionality and enjoyment firmly in mind.

Protect your iPhone SE in style

CLCKR’s stylish products complement the iPhone SE perfectly with sleek curves and clear cases that show off the device. Although the iPhone SE features durable glass and an aluminium design, it’s not worth taking any chances! For safe use of your device, CLCKR’s case stand and grips are rigorously tested and feature drop protection for up to 6 feet, so your phone will be well protected if it does tumble to the floor. Holding your phone with the CLCKR grip also prevents you from dropping the phone or getting tired hands in the first place, making accidents less likely. Slimmer than any other product on the market at only .16in thick, the CLCKR stand and grip slips right into your pocket and won’t add unnecessary bulk to your new device.

Enjoy the content that matters to you

CLCKR’s versatile stand holds your phone in three different viewing positions (portrait, landscape and an angled conference call mode) to make it easy to FaceTime with friends and family or binge-watch your favorite film or TV shows hands-free. Enjoy the benefits of the iPhone SE’s high definition (4K) video capabilities and run the latest Augmented Reality apps without having to lift a finger. The CLCKR case design does not encroach on the edges of the device’s screen, allowing you to make the most of the iPhone SE’s 4.7” Retina HD display. CLCKR products are compatible with most wireless chargers, allowing you to stay hands-free for longer. 

Create high quality photos & video

CLCKR’s stand and grip design allows iPhone SE owners to make the most of the device’s advanced camera system and new lighting modes by providing a solid fixed position for your camera in different orientations, allowing you to hold the device comfortably while shooting. Whether you are aiming for the perfect selfie, creating content for your social media, sharing with family/ friends, or even using your iPhone SE in a professional capacity, CLCKR makes it all a breeze.

CLCKR range for iPhone SE

The Universal CLCKR is a patented, multi-functional stand and grip which fits onto any device and is slimmer than any other product on the market, while the CLCKR case with in-built stand and grip is available for the new iPhone SE as well as other models of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Both are compatible with most wireless chargers.

The CLCKR stand and grip case for iPhone SE is available now, priced at $29.99. Choose from a clear case with black CLCKR or clear case with rose gold CLCKR.

The Universal CLCKR stand and grip is available in a variety of colors and designs. Prices start at $14.99. Visit to view the options.

For a full gallery of product images, please click here.

 * The new iPhone SE may also be described as the iPhone SE 2020, to distinguish from an earlier (now discontinued) model of the same name.


CLCKR is a patented universal and multi-functional mobile phone stand grip, enabling multiple viewing positions for people who love to consume or create content and stay in touch – whether at home or on-the-go. CLCKR is available as the Universal CLCKR – a stand and grip which is easy to apply using 3M™ adhesive that does not leave residue – or incorporated into the design of phone cases for a variety of phone models and sizes. CLCKR’s grip enables a firmer hold and safer use of your device and its stylish and ultra-strong design is compatible with most wireless chargers. There are numerous uses for CLCKR, positioning your mobile phone in portrait, landscape or conference call mode. CLCKR stands by you – to stay connected with other people, watch videos or create content.

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