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Clarion Reveals the Renovated Interior of their BMW 2002

Clarion Reveals the Renovated Interior of their BMW 2002 –

Preps for Audio Install

CoupeKing in Wilmington, California has been working around the clock to get the finishing touches on Clarion’s BMW 2002 project car’s interior, getting it ready to move on to the audio installation, where Clarion has some very big plans that will be announced in the next week.

As a foundation for the interior, Clarion Builds partner Hushmat provided their Hushmat Ultra sound deadening mat for installation within the iconic 2002 build. The Hushmat Ultra is great for insulating and reducing road noise inside the car, and will allow the audio installation to shine.

On top of the Hushmat, fresh dark medium/dark gray carpet was laid down in the 2002, serving as a terrific contrast to the freshly upholstered Oyster colored leather seats, and interior panels and Alcantara headliner. The seats, door panels and rear quarter panels were all done in leather, reproducing a look similar to what was found on non-US spec LUX edition 2002s. The dashboard was completely refurbished to look like new, and the gauges all rebuilt. Due to the rarity of replacement parts for these classic BMWs, every part of the car’s interior was either replaced or reconditioned and re-plated. To class up the interior, the steering column was topped off with a Nardi 390 steering wheel, and Nardi shifter knob and parking brake handle.  The entire interior can be seen very clearly through the all new lightly factory tinted glass installed all the way around the car, and pops beautifully against the factory-fresh Fjord Blue paint job.

Modeling the exterior of the car after the more appealing Euro-spec 2002, CoupeKing ditched the crash-rated bumpers mandated by the US government in 1974 for the thinner more sleek looking bumpers from a pre-1974 model. Additionally, CoupeKing finished buttoning up all of the rubber molding and body panel alignment to ensure that the car look better than the day it did the day it rolled out of the BMW factory.

The car might look done, but we still have a few things left to do before we hand the keys over to 2X Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg to “officially test drive” the car, and before we auction it off for charity.