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Catalyst AV Member AHA Distributing Sells Aim High Audio Rep Firm

Chris Gilray, president and founder of Aim High Audio Sales and Marketing, has announced the sale of the manufacturer’s representative part of his business to put all of his time and attention into AHA Distributing; the Catalyst AV member distribution arm of his business since 2012.  Effective May 1, 2016 all direct lines formerly handled via Aim High Audio Sales and Marketing will be handled through Precision Sales Group (PSG) with Jon Perry at the helm, Chris’ partner at Aim High Audio Sales and Marketing since 2013.

“Shortly after creating Aim High Audio Sales and Marketing I was approached by Speakercraft about distributing their products.  I didn’t have direct knowledge of the distribution business at the time but it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass by and AHA Distributing was born” states Gilray.  “I hired a team to run the distribution arm of the business, while I continued to focus on the rep side of the business, and things took off from there.  Aim High Audio Sales and Marketing and AHA Distributing took off and experienced tremendous growth and things haven’t slowed down since.  It is in that growth that I understood the need, and more importantly the timing, that now is the best time for PSG’s acquisition of Aim High Audio Sales Marketing.  This change allows each company to focus on their core competencies.  With 4 locations in place, and more expansion planned, I can now focus my efforts on growing AHA Distributing.”

Jon Perry, president of PSG, states “neither company would be where they are today if we had not come together a little over 3 years ago.  Each year we experienced growth and this is a necessary move for the companies to continue to experience that growth; to elevate us both to the next level.  This change allows PSG to better support all of the partners that sell our products directly or through other distribution channels as well as allows AHA Distributing to pursue other lines that no longer compete with the Rep Company; it’s a win-win.”

While Chris and Jon both agree this was a tough decision for them personally, as they have experienced a great partnership throughout the years, the decision was made easy when each looked at it from the perspective from the customers they both service. Said Gilray, “It’s simply the only way that we can both grow in a way that best services our customers and at the end of the day, customer service and great relationships has always been our focus.”

AHA Distributing will continue to support the Southeast and Florida from their 4 locations; Marietta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Tampa and Boynton Beach Florida while PSG will have field personnel in NC, GA and TN.

About Catalyst AV
Founded in 2012, Catalyst AV is a network of 11 independent consumer electronics distributors serving the residential and professional AV channels in the U.S via its 23-locations.  Catalyst AV grants manufacturers a consistent and cohesive nationwide distribution model to more than 16,000 professional integration specialists.  Catalyst AV benefits integrators by delivering all the products and support necessary to execute the demands of job specifications with confidence.  The Catalyst AV Board of Directors consists of Dan Haight (Pioneer Music Company); Steve Presti (Easy Access Distribution); Wally Whinna (Allnet Distributing) and Executive Director Helge Fischer.