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Cantrex Nationwide COO Adds President to Title

Winston-Salem, NC, December 10, 2014—Nationwide Marketing Group is pleased to announce that Jeannine Ghaleb has been named President of Cantrex Nationwide, the company’s Canadian division. Ms. Ghaleb will also continue to act as Cantrex Nationwide’s Chief Operating Officer, a position she has held since the acquisition of Cantrex, two-and-a half years ago, by Nationwide Marketing Group.

“Working with Jeannine is always a pleasure. I admire her passion for the business and the emphasis she puts on the success of the group’s member and vendor partners,” says Les Kirk, Nationwide’s CEO. “I am confident that the collaborative efforts between Nationwide and Cantrex’s new leadership team will continue to grow to new heights through the integration and promotion of new services and programs to help our independent retailers succeed in their marketplace.”

“Building on the company’s role as a traditional buying and marketing group, Jeannine and her team have added an essential marketing pillar, with an array of digital marketing services for independent retailers as they adapt to the new retail trends and the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumer,” says Dave Bilas, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nationwide Marketing Group. “I look forward to seeing what new initiatives her team drives for members and vendors in the future.”

Under Ms. Ghaleb’s leadership, Cantrex Nationwide continues to pursue strategic growth, solidify its member relations and vendor partnerships, and position itself at the forefront of the industry – as the buying and marketing group of choice for Canadian independent retailers.

Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG), headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, is North America’s largest buying and marketing organization for independent major appliance, consumer electronics, photography, home furnishings and floor covering dealers. Larger than all competing groups combined, NMG has over 3,700 members operating more than 10,000 storefronts and $15 billion in combined annual sales. Nationwide Marketing Group offers a unique portfolio of services designed to support its members and strengthen their position in the marketplace.  Visit us online at

Cantrex Nationwide Group Inc., with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, is an independent Canadian division of US-based Nationwide Marketing Group. Founded in 1960, Cantrex was acquired by Nationwide Marketing Group in May 2012. The combined entity is the largest buying and marketing group of its kind in North America, serving independent furniture, household appliance, bedding, consumer electronics, photography, floor covering and home-décor retailers. With more than 1,200 retail outlets in Canada, Cantrex Nationwide members generate an estimated $2.75 billion in annual retail sales. The Canadian division provides its members with greater buying power, along with an extensive array of state-of-the art advertising, educational, online-marketing and financial programs and services. For more information, visit