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Camera Inspired from Biology, Saves Lives and Combats Dangerous Driving

ATLANTA, July 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Vairdo Inc has gathered some impressive client names recently – namely Google X and Georgia Tech, among others – and is now working along with Georgia Tech on patented driver safety technologies.

Vairdo Inc. has been working on a new biologically modeled safety camera for drivers of all ages, today announcing the pre-order beta release of Sleepy Eyse, a multi-featured camera that combats Drunk Driving (DUI) and dangerous driving among other features.

Starting at only $99, EYSE is going to now be available in beta release with four variations for crowdfunding investors who want to experience the newest in high-end, leading-edge driver safety in 3D. “Driver safety is one of the most aggravating problems that is taking lives by the millions each year in road accidents. Even if we can cut that down gradually by 10% each year to start with, it’s worth investing in. I have lost close friends in car accidents, so this technology comes from the heart and needs to be in all cars,” said Jayant Ratti, Ph.D. Sr. Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Vairdo Inc.

The small camera uses two sensors to monitor the face, eyes and driving style of the drivers to alert the passengers and the driver if the driving becomes dangerous.

Watch the video here:

Sleepy Eyse is the new feature on the VR enabled 3D camera that keeps drivers awake while driving; whether high on alcohol or exhibiting dangerous texting & driving habits, the EYSE cameras offer a pair of virtual eyes that keep eyes on the driver. The EYSE also allows VR goggle users and car passengers to experience actual live real-time events by combining high-definition, streaming 3D video, two-way sound, and multi-mode motion and communication into a small, portable, versatile device which can also help people overcome fears and phobias by being present in situations that provoke anxiety and uneasiness. They can do this now non-physically but still in Real-Time. For instance, live action sports as if one was right there playing on the field, talking on stage, or being close to dogs (animals in general) and others. This is possible by the EYSE’s 3D telepresence technology.

The safety robotic camera doubles up like an action camera with a 3D / VR kick. Unlike traditional cameras, EYSE offers two cameras with simultaneous HD video / images and specialized video processors to create dual-perspective, stereoscopic video that is delivered live via WiFi (and soon with mobile networks). When the camera is turned facing the road the passengers can experience flying through the streets as the car zips past other cars on freeways.

See their video here:

“Virtual reality and real-time 3D technologies are unique innovations that allow people to share ordinary and extraordinary moments in an immersive way,” said Randall Foster – VP, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Vairdo. “Vairdo’s strength lies in designing and integrating electronics, sensors, telemetry and software. EYSE is one of many unique innovations under development in our labs.”

Vairdo is looking to raise $65,000 within 7 days and plans to keep adding sophisticated health, monitoring, recreational and safety features to the small cameras.

The EYSE can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter:

About Vairdo

Vairdo’s mission is to extend human sensory and computer interaction by developing compact, smart sensor, vision, and control system technologies. The company’s proprietary electronics and software is set to have a positive impact on entertainment, business communications, retail, defense, security, medical, industrial inspection, real estate, toys and gaming industries.


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