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Brandmotion Debuts Next-Generation Curb Alert Camera

LAS VEGAS, November 5, 2014 (SDG MEDIAWIRE) –  In 2010, Brandmotion released a highly sought-after solution for owners of vintage and customized vehicles to protect the front spoilers and fascia from damage by parking blocks and low, unseen obstacles in front of the car. Curb Alert Pro became an immediate hit with collectors and customizers alike. At this year’s Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, the accomplished provider of safety and convenience solutions to the aftermarket is introducing the next evolution. Curb Alert Camera adds to the audible warning of the original model with a wide-angle, front-mounted camera.

“Curb Alert Pro has saved vehicle owners thousands of dollars in repairs by preventing bumper and fascia damage, but their success has been mostly relegated to specialty vehicle owners,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “With the next-generation Curb Alert Camera, we can provide both audible and visual front-end protection to everyday drivers while parking and maneuvering, with even better performance than simple sensors found on newer vehicles.

Curb Alert Camera features an advanced, newly designed sensing module that installs below the bumper and connects to a front-mounted camera. Once enabled, the system delivers a front-view image to a connected display, and delivers audible beeps through its included in-vehicle speaker to indicate proximity to an object. The camera image will remain on for 10 seconds or turn off when the vehicle gear is placed into Park.

To work with different vehicle types, Curb Alert Camera can be configured to activate at any distance between eight and 28 inches from an object. The camera’s display time, set to 10 seconds by default, can also be adjusted to the driver’s preference during installation. And the video output will interface directly with most aftermarket displays or display radios, or with many factory display radios using a third-party integration module.

“Curb Alert Camera is an ideal add-on to factory vehicles that have back-up cameras or sensors but no front protection,” added Varick. “When parking, drivers move both forward and backward to get their vehicles into a spot. Lack of vision is a problem in both directions, and Curb Alert Camera fills in the missing piece.”

Curb Alert Camera is set to ship in the first quarter of 2015. It will be on display in the New Product Showcase during SEMA, and at Brandmotion’s booth, No. 12033, in the North Hall. For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit or follow Brandmotion on Facebook