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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels Soared As Katy Perry Roared During Super Bowl XLIX

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BACtrack®, the leader in personal and professional-grade breathalyzers, just released a report showcasing average BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) levels during Super Bowl XLIX. The data was gleaned from 1,458 unique BAC tests that were collected anonymously from users of BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzers. Notable insights are detailed below and the full results can be viewed here.

Seahawks Fans Outdrank Patriots Fans with Highest Average BAC

BACtrack found that Seattle Seahawks fans had higher average BAC levels than New England Patriots fans during the Super Bowl.

    —  Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.084%

    —  Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.065%

    —  Other football fans had an average BAC of 0.057% Seahawks Fans’ BAC Levels Soared During Halftime Show

Seahawks fans’ average BAC levels surged during the first half of the game, peaking shortly after the halftime show celebration and then quickly falling after their 24-28 loss to the Patriots.

    —  Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.116% at halftime

    —  Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.052% at halftime

    —  Other football fans had an average BAC of  0.052% at halftime Patriots Fans Celebrated their Super Bowl Victory

Once the Patriots claimed the Super Bowl title, New England fans’ average BAC level quickly rose during the post-game celebration.

    —  Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.072% post-game

    —  Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.031% post-game

    —  Other football fans had an average BAC of 0.032% post-game This is the third Alcohol Consumption Report BACtrack has released that provides insights into drinking habits throughout the U.S. You can also view the first report here and the second report here.


Data was collected anonymously from users of the BACtrack app, which syncs with both the BACtrack Vio and BACtrack Mobile smartphone breathalyzers, and represents 1,458 unique BAC tests collected during Super Bowl XLIX weekend. Data for Seahawks fans is based on unique BAC tests from WA and OR, while data for Patriots fans is based on unique BAC tests from MA, ME, VT, NH, CT and RI. Data used in the report was collected from users with location services turned on and does not represent data from all users.

About BACtrack

San Francisco­-based BACtrack is the U.S. leader in breathalyzers, offering a full range of innovative products for both personal and professional use. Founded in 2001, BACtrack helps people monitor their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and make informed decisions about alcohol consumption. In 2013, BACtrack launched BACtrack Mobile, the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer that uses police-­grade fuel cell sensor technology and Bluetooth connectivity. It has since won Popular Science’s 2013 ‘Best of What’s New’ Award for its innovation in health, and an Edison Award for Industrial Design. BACtrack breathalyzers are available in 20 countries and at over 15,000 store locations, including Walgreens, Costco and Best Buy stores, and can be purchased online at Amazon,, and BACtrack products have been featured on Oprah’s All Stars, The Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, and MythBusters. Connect with BACtrack via Twitter and on Facebook. For more company information, visit



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