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BiGR Audio Continues the Evolution of Headphones

SAN DIEGO, California – (October 4 2016) – Take one quick look around any busy bus station, airport, or café and it’s easy to see that headphones have made a big comeback in recent years. The trend has replaced the smaller ear buds, with people opting for the more comfortable headphones, thus making a fashion statement and opting for the highest quality sound. One company, BiGR Audio, is taking the lead in the evolution of the headphone, taking it to a whole new level.

“Headphones offer an incredible way to listen privately, whether you are tuned into your own music, talks, or radio programs,” explains Richard “Big Rich” Bracke, founder of BiGR Audio, a company that makes specialty headphones and a Bluetooth wrist radio. “We asked ourselves what we wanted out of a headphone, and then we went to work making sure that it was accessible to the world.”

Here are a few ways that BiGR Audio is continuing the evolution, and helping to revolutionize, the headphone industry:

  • Many headphones on the market are made with materials that are not eco-friendly and will be around in the environment long after they are done being useful. BiGR Audio’s mission is to produce headphones that are sustainable, so they are environmentally friendly. The materials used include bamboo, which is a sustainable resource, recycled aluminum, and hardwood, which are durable, yet can be recycled.
  • While many stores are filled with plastic headphones that offer no style, BiGR Audio offers a variety of stylish options, including those made with beechwood, bamboo, leather, and metal. There are options for every personal style preference.
  • Rather than boring headphones with no personality, people can now infuse their own personality into their headphone style. BiGR Audio offers styles for everyone’s taste, including those in Major League Baseball (MLB), college sports, fashionistas, and more. They even offer special edition headphones, such as those featuring Run DMC, Bruce Lee, and George Watsky. College sports fans will find headphones featuring such schools as the UNLV Rebels, Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. And whether a fan of the Boston Red Sox or the Los Angeles Dodgers, they offer a whole collection of MLB team headphones.
  • Quality. BiGR Audio focuses on producing headphones that not only make a bold statement, but provide great quality. Each pair of headphones uses cutting edge technology, functional designs, and superb listening quality. They also focus on ensuring their headphones are comfortable for long listening pleasure.
  • Gift worthy. With so many styles and options to choose from, BiGR Audio headphones have become a popular gift item. Many people purchase the MLB, college sports, or eco-friendly headphones to give away as gifts for holidays and birthdays. While people may not have thought about giving headphones as a gift before, they can now opt for ones that feature the person’s favorite baseball team and make it meaningful and useful gift.

“We have people buy them for gifts and end up keeping them for themselves because they love them so much,” added Bracke. “Headphones are here to stay. We have made them fun, high quality, stylish, and gift worthy. That’s pretty hard to beat.”

According to Statista, a statistics company, during 2015 alone there were 312 million units of headphones and headsets sold worldwide. Helping to fuel the increase in headphone sales in recent years is the celebrity status. Many celebrities have been seen and photographed wearing all types of headphones in a variety of situations, including the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Lil’ Wayne, Katie Holmes, and Dwight Howard.

BiGR Audio has a line of headphones that are environmentally friendly, using bamboo, and offer licensed brands, such as MLB, Bruce Lee, Rolling Stone Magazine, collegiate teams, and more. They also offer the Wristboom, which is a Bluetooth watch-style speaker that comes in seven colors and gives people the ability to listen to their favorite music as they bicycle, run, or swim. The device is water resistant, lightweight, has a battery life of 4-6 hours, and allows for hands-free phone calls. For more information on BiGR Audio, visit the site at:

About BiGR Audio

BiGR Audio, found in 2009, is based in San Diego. The company offers a line of high quality headphones and audio products that are environmentally friendly, offer Bluetooth capabilities, and have functional design. For more information on BiGR Audio, visit the site at:

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