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Bayan Audio’s New SoundScene Portable Speaker Brings Brilliant Sound Outdoors

TORONTO, June 30, 2015 ­ Bayan Audio, the British audio brand dedicated to fusing unparalleled acoustic performance with superb design, is kicking off the summer season with the introduction of its new weatherproof SoundScene portable outdoor speaker. This wireless stereo speaker is equipped to withstand the elements thanks to its sturdy, splash-proof exterior so exceptional sound can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. Building on the success of Bayan Audio’s award-winning Soundbook line, the SoundScene is the latest addition to Bayan Audio’s expanding range of portable Bluetooth speakers. It is available this week for US$199.99 / CAD$249.99 per unit at retailers across North America and on Bayan Audio’s website.

A unique, wireless, portable sound system

When it comes to enjoying music, sometimes one speaker simply isn’t enough. Every SoundScene speaker is able to connect to others, so one speaker can be used to enjoy music in a small space, then linked wirelessly to another for a larger area, creating an expandable sound system. The SoundScene speakers link together via radio frequency, meaning there is no need for any additional equipment, cables or apps – simply press one button and you have total flexibility to add or remove speakers. Plus, the SoundScene can run on its rechargeable battery, or while connected to AC power.

Once linked, SoundScene speakers can be positioned up to 30m (100 ft.) from the transmitting speaker ­ whether it’s across the backyard, the home, or the dock ­ without any distortion. As many contemporary homes now enjoy open plan living spaces, several SoundScene speakers can be arranged in this space to create an easy-to-use wireless speaker system. The volume level can also be adjusted for each speaker individually, so whether they are used for a relaxed garden party or a lively summer barbeque with friends, the listening level will be comfortable and balanced across the whole area.

As with Bayan Audio’s Soundbook line of portable Bluetooth speakers, the drivers in the SoundScene are custom designed for their specific enclosure. This provides the best sound quality from this durable outdoor speaker.

Simple connectivity

SoundScene makes it easy to connect with the music you love, wherever you like to enjoy it. Simply stream music from a Smartphone or tablet to the SoundScene in seconds and enjoy up to eight hours of continuous play. Each SoundScene speaker is designed to produce 20W of stereo sound, meaning whether they’re linked together or enjoyed individually, listeners will experience an all-encompassing soundscape. The speakers can be unlinked at any time and used as individual speakers once again. Each speaker can be connected to a different device, so if the party gets larger, one guest can enjoy their music on the deck while another guest can select their favourite music in the kitchen, allowing total flexibility.

Elemental indoors and out

Thanks to its rugged, weather-resistant design, SoundScene can withstand anything from a rain shower to a splash from the pool. The unit is fully sealed with silicone rubber caps to give the SoundScene its water-resistant design. While the SoundScene has been tuned to deliver the best sound quality outdoors, its contemporary design makes it the perfect addition to any interior living space as well. SoundScene moves easily between the garden and inside the home, making it the perfect music system not just for summer but also all year-round.

Prash Vadgama, CEO of Bayan Audio, says ‘With SoundScene we wanted to create a product with the ability to connect more than one speaker together in a simple and uncomplicated way. SoundScene is a customizable hybrid system, as it offers the benefits of portability and the link-ability of multiple speakers.’

SoundScene is available in Silver/Grey and also offers a power charging port to charge a Smartphone or MP3 player straight from the product. For added flexibility, listeners can also plug their music device into the SoundScene speaker via the 3.5mm auxiliary port if they do not have a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Key features

  • Wirelessly link up to 8 SoundScene speakers to suit any outdoor space
  • Each SoundScene is a stereo speaker designed to deliver 270 degrees of sound
  • Splash-proof and weather-resistant design
  • 20W of power
  • 8 hour battery life
  • USB convenience power charging port for charging portable devices while listening
  • One-touch pairing with NFC

Pricing & Availability:

The SoundScene is priced at US$199.99 / CAD$249.99 per unit and is available to buy from retailers across the USA and Canada, as well as on Bayan Audio’s website, and will soon be available on and

For more information about Bayan Audio and for a full list of Bayan Audio retailers, visit:

Technical specifications

What They’re Saying About Bayan Audio:

“The X3 can go toe to toe with most other speakers I have tested in this price range. In fact, it even stacks up well against some popular speakers that are more expensive… It really is an impressive experience.” ­ Zach Epstein, BGR

“Due to the excellent audio performance I experienced with this pint-sized speaker, I recommend the Soundbook GO without hesitation!” ­ Nate Adcock, iPhone life

“If Bayan wanted to enter North America and make a splash, mission accomplished.” – Benjamin J. Roethig, Geekbeat

“The Bayan Audio SoundBook Go is a brilliantly smart and slick little speaker, with some nice features and great portable design.” ­ Matthew Bolton, TechRadar

“We felt that the Soundbook was the real winner. Besides its interesting and useful design, out of the box the Soundbook offered the highest fidelity, the most distinguishable basses and highs, and the best sound of the seven speakers reviewed here.”- Barbara Krasnoff, Computerworld

“”The Soundbook X3 is one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers out there.” – Abby Elise, International Business Times

About Bayan Audio:

Specialists in wireless sound ­ Bayan Audio.

Bayan Audio was founded in 2011 by former NAVMAN CEO and lifelong music enthusiast Prash Vadgama. Having launched with a range of award winning speaker docks, Bayan Audio extended its range in 2013 to include wireless audio products. The focus for Bayan Audio is on build quality to produce a natural sound with depth, balance and clarity, while the product design is contemporary and elegant. Bayan Audio products are available through quality retailers across the UK, Canada, and the USA, as well as in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine and Poland. Bayan Audio Inc. is run by Cameron Wilson, who has a wealth of both corporate and start-up experience in both North America and Europe. Bayan Audio’s aim is to create outstanding quality products to help customers enjoy sound exactly as it was produced, wherever they are.

Website: and

Twitter: @BayanAudioUSACA

Instagram: @BayanAudio

Facebook: Bayan Audio North America