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Azione Unlimited Launches Recurring Revenue Initiatives and Partnerships

Azione recognized that in the rapidly changing technological world, the demands from consumers for the seamless integration of a plethora of components combined with flawless functionality, provides both challenges and opportunities for today’s CE professionals. The sheer number and diversity of the components provides the challenge; the consumer’s growing reliance on technology provides the opportunity in the form of Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). Whether it is a standard service contract, a Client Care maintenance plan, or 24/7 total system monitoring, the market has opened a door of opportunity. Azione is pleased to announce that our members will be poised to take advantage of it.

The group’s newly formed RMR committee, consisting of eight bright Azione members, will unveil a roadmap for a profitable Recurring Monthly Revenue model for all its members at the Azione Fall Conference, October 18 – 20, 2016 at the New York, New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The committee reviewed numerous maintenance and Client Care Programs; they then extrapolated the best plans and strategies.  The Committee will present their recommendations to the attending dealers with regard to: pricing, selling, implementing, and managing specific plans as outlined by the committee. The entire group will then review the findings and create action paths in a roundtable discussion with groups of ten.

Azione has also secured the strategic alliances necessary to implement and maintain these programs regardless of the size of the dealer member.  Azione recently partnered with OneVision Resources, an industry specific service provider that partners with dealers to provide a world-class service experience for their clients with 24/7/365 support. OneVision works closely with ihiji, another Azione longtime partner, to provide system monitoring, remote diagnostics, and maintenance.

“OneVision’s mission is to create incredible technology experiences. That wouldn’t be possible without excellent partners in the field, and for that reason we are excited to be working with Azione Unlimited and its members. Together, OneVision and Azione will create a new type of home technology professional – one who focuses on the post-purchase consumer experience and the recurring revenue that comes with it,” stated Joseph Kolchinsky, Founder/CEO of OneVision.

In addition, Azione has long partnered with Access Networks for added remote network monitoring and maintenance. Not all dealers have the infrastructure and resources to facilitate the management of these enhanced services. Azione’s strategic partners provide the layer of client care that will enable dealers to deliver quality services without overstretching the company or overburdening employees.  

“There are few in the industry who do not recognize the crucial component that a Recurring Monthly Revenue source contributes to monthly sustainability, the business’s valuation, and ultimately to the long term success of a business. Azione is providing for its members the plan, the alliances, and the resources to quickly and efficiently implement profitable RMR into their businesses,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited.