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Autonomic Unveils KP-6 In-wall Keypad for the Mirage Audio System

Armonk, NY. October 28, 2015 – Autonomic, makers of the finest whole-house music systems, has announced the introduction of the KP-6 decora-style in-wall keypad for the Mirage Audio System. The elegant KP-6 keypad provides users with instant access to basic features of their whole-house entertainment system without having to open an app on their phone or tablet.

Users of the KP-6 keypad will enjoy fingertip control of power on/off, volume, source and track-skip—as well as four user-programmable preset buttons. Once content has been curated using the Mirage Media Controller app for iOS or Android devices, users can simply press and hold to store that programming as a preset. Presets can be anything, from a Pandora or SiriusXM radio station to a playlist or a favorite album. Out of the box, all presets will be the same from zone to zone, however integrators can provide additional service to their customers by customizing keypad zones and preset groups via Autonomic’s web configuration page, giving users four unique presets for each zone if desired. Integrators will also appreciate the single cat-5 connection required—even accommodating the KP-6’s built-in IR repeater for control of an external device. The multi-room Mirage Digital Amplifiers can each accommodate 32 keypads (M-800) or 16 keypads (M-400) placed in any room or zone as desired. The Autonomic KP-6 keypad is compatible with Lutron Designer Solutions residential wall plates, making it easy for interior designers to match any décor. 

“With the growing popularity of the Mirage Audio System as the go-to solution for whole-house entertainment, we identified a need for instant access to key features via a single button press,”

said Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris. “The KP-6 keypad free users from having to rely on their phone or tablet to adjust volume or change source on the fly, and it gives integrators an interface solution that is intuitive and elegant as well as easy to program and install.”

Autonomic is currently accepting preorders on the KP-6 keypad, which is expected to begin shipping to authorized dealers beginning November 9th. 

The Mirage Audio System is a turnkey home audio solution allowing users to listen to their personal music collection combined with popular streaming music services in as many as 96 rooms throughout the home. Autonomic’s exclusive TuneBridge® functionality allows users to easily discover and explore new music across sources at the push of a button based on what is now playing. AirPlay compatibility enables guests to enjoy content from their iOS devices. With feature-rich packages averaging around $500 per zone before installation, the Mirage Audio System is competitively priced as compared to less capable, mass market entertainment solutions.