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AURALiC Partners With TIDAL to Provide Lossless Music in ARIES Streaming Bridge

Oslo/Vancouver, WA/Beijing – Nov. 19, 2014  AURALIC North America Inc. and its parent company, AURALIC LIMITED, have announced that TIDAL, the first lossless music streaming service with HD music videos and curated editorial, has been integrated in their ARIES Streamer Bridge.

AURALiC’s Lightning streaming is the industry’s first whole-house, high- resolution streaming solution that supports music playback up to Double-Rate DSD and DXD formats. The ARIES, the first product in the Lightning family, serves as a ‘bridge’ between music on TIDAL’s lossless online streaming services, or the consumer’s network storage, and their DAC — enabling DACs for the first time to stream high-resolution music quickly and wirelessly in virtually any sampling rate — without the need for a computer.

By full integration of the TIDAL streaming service within its technology, ARIES users will be able to conveniently access TIDAL to stream its extensive library of 25 million-plus tracks of high fidelity lossless music.

AURALiC’s ARIES Wireless Hi-Res. Streamer Bridge [above] plugs directly into your DAC, providing full resolution music to any room in your home.

According to Xuanqian Wang, AURALiC’s CEO and President, “The full integration of TIDAL on Lightning streaming & ARIES significantly expands that ease of convenience with almost limitless selection of full resolution music. And, best of all, the consumer doesn’t need to use a computer.”

TIDAL, the popular music streaming service based in Norway, recently announced that it is now available in the USA and UK in lossless 16- bit/44.1 kHz FLAC and ALAC format. AURALiC is one of the first HiFi partners to fully integrate TIDAL into its technology, allowing users to stream from its library of over 25 million tracks via the AURALiC Lightning DS app and their ARIES streaming bridge, and easily controllable via iPad. [Android version to be available soon.]

We are delighted that AURALiC has fully integrated TIDAL into its Lightning/ARIES system, especially as the results have been so impressive,” said Pål Bråtelund, Strategic Partnership Manager HiFi at TIDAL. “We are committed to making TIDAL the go-to music streaming service for those that care about quality. Working alongside companies such as AURALiC is a delight, as they understand that once experienced, lossless quality brings people closer to the music and makes for a significantly more enjoyable listening experience.”

Lightning DS when streaming TIDAL material (shown on a screenshot from an iPad)