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Audiovox Expands Custom Headrest Line to Include 8-Inch Android Headrest

HAUPPAUGE, NY – SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 -– VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX), today announced it has added three new custom 8-inch headrest systems with multiple monitor configurations to its successful line of 7-inch vehicle specific headrest systems. These multiple monitor configurations now allow backseat passengers to enjoy not only larger screen viewing but also all of the features that Android has to offer while still supporting DVD.
The system configurations include an Android Monitor offering an 8” touch screen monitor with a built-in Android operating system, an 8” DVD Only Monitor and an Android/DVD Combo Monitor: offering an 8” touch screen monitor with built-in Android operating system with six different configuration options including:
 Dual DVD
 Single DVD/Single Android
 Dual Android (No DVD)
 DVD & Android/DVD
 Single Android & Android/DVD
 Dual DVD w/ Dual Android
“The new Audiovox 8-inch Android Headrest Systems integrate tablet technology with our custom Headrest DVD systems giving consumers added content while still allowing them to use the vast DVD libraries that they have amassed over the years,” said Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics Corporation.
Malone continued, “It was not all that long ago that consumers thought that access to movies was the ultimate in-vehicle entertainment experience. Today content is king and the more content a system can provide the more likely that system will be a success. These Android based systems duplicate the content available on any portable device available today and once again solidify our leadership position in the Rear Seat Entertainment market.”
All systems feature 8-inch monitors with digital LED back-lit panels that deliver a vibrant picture with a resolution of 800 x RGB x 480; have certified HDMI/MHL inputs, USB input with charging support, Micro SD card input (also used for memory expansion) and a secondary A/V input and output (hidden). Additionally, all monitors come equipped with dual channel wireless headphones, full band
FM transmitter with hardwire FM modulation capabilities, 2 remote controls and a hidden away Junction Box.
The Android based monitors have IPS panels with capacitive touch screen control and a user friendly interface, a fast dual core processor, built-in 8GB memory (expandable to 32GB), built-in Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi (needs 3G/4G hotspot to feed internet access while driving outside Wi-Fi coverage). Finally, the non-removable Android tablets eliminate any concern consumers might have for potential damage that could occur from taking a portable tablet in and out of a vehicle mount.
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The Audiovox brand is marketed by VOXX Electronics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp., (NASDAQ: VOXX).
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VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ:VOXX), a leading, global supplier of mobile and consumer electronics products. VEC is a recognized leader in the marketing of automotive entertainment, Location Based Services (LBS), rear observation systems, and vehicle security. Its extensive distribution network includes power retailers and 12-volt specialists as well as nearly all of the major vehicle manufacturers (“OEMs”), both domestically and abroad.
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