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Andover Audio Offers New Entry Point for Integrated Vinyl Music System

Andover-One E: complete one-box music system for modern music lovers with vinyl and digital playback in a compact, sophisticated, plug-and-play design

Andover-One E Turntable Music System

Andover, MA—Sept. 2022—Andover Audio announces updates for its series of all-in-one turntable systems, including one new model and new names for all models. The new Andover-One E ($1,499) features technology trickled down from the flagship, award-winning Andover-One (formerly the Model One) and offers a more broadly accessible all-in-one turntable solution. In addition, the Andover-One E retains the series’ iconic footprint, with classic mid-century styling that seamlessly integrates natural walnut with the optional Andover-One subwoofer and storage stands.

The all-in-one-cabinet design is made possible by Andover’s proprietary IsoGroove technology, with which the Andover-One E can deliver the same high-quality, noise-free phono playback as Andover’s flagship Andover-One ($1,999). IsoGroove eliminates feedback between the turntable and speakers to allow them to be mounted in the same, low-profile enclosure with no disruptive, sound-degrading hum.

The Andover-One E features a Pro-Ject belt-drive turntable with a steel platter and pre-set counterweight—it’s ready to go right out of the box. The speaker system includes two 3.5” aluminum woofers (one on each side) and two dome tweeters, biamplified by a powerful Class-D 150W amplifier for room-filling sound from a compact design.

The Andover-One E includes many inputs and outputs and a host of customizable options easily accessible via its front-panel graphic interface with intuitive single-knob operation. Selectable sources include phono, Bluetooth (aptX HD), and a dedicated input for a Wi-Fi streaming device.

Stereo and Mono listening modes are readily accessible, as well as Panoramic mode, which enhances the stereo image to make this one-box system sound like a pair of widely spaced speakers. The Settings menu provides custom adjustment of EQ, to satisfy listeners seeking a sound balance that better matches their music and/or room.

The Andover-One E is now available for pre-order, with a suggested retail price of $1,499. For a limited time, all pre-orders will include the Songbird music streamer.

Along with its name change, the flagship Andover-One is now bundled with Andover’s SongBird music streamer ($99 value).

Andover-One E Features and Specifications

  • Plug-and-Play
  • Elegant Mid-Century Design
  • Genuine Walnut Frames
  • IsoGroove™ Technology for Noise-Free Performance
  • Intuitive Interface to Quickly Access a Variety of Ins and Outs
  • High-Grade, Low-Noise Phono Preamp and Headphone Output
  • Expansive input/output options including aux out, optical and coaxial digital inputs, Bluetooth 5.1 streaming (input) with aptX HD and AAC codecs, and USB bidirectional computer connection for ripping/playback
  • Expandable with Andover Record Storage Stands and Dual 10” Subwoofer
  • Dustcover Included
  • Dimensions: 18″ W × 8.83″ H (with dustcover) × 13.5″ D

About Andover

Since its formation in 2012, Massachusetts-based Andover Audio has provided design and manufacturing services to the most recognized brands in automotive, professional, and high-performance audio. Andover is now focusing its acclaimed expertise on self-branded products that artfully blend premium, innovative audio technologies with distinctive designs. Andover’s mission is to build products that make no-compromise sound easy to buy, simple to set up, and a pleasure to use.

The Andover team, led by former Cambridge SoundWorks General Manager Rob Mainiero, is a group of audio experts and veteran engineers who hail from a long line of iconic companies: Acoustic Research, a/d/s/, Advent, Apogee Acoustics, Advent, Harman, Bose, and others.