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Alpine Electronics Now Shipping the PXE-0850S Sound Processor

Torrance, Calif. (Apr. 5, 2018) – Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. is now shipping the new PXE-0850S 12-channel sound processor with Bluetooth app control.

“The PXE-0850S processor allows for customization of a sound system even with today’s factory head units,” said Mike Anderson, vice president and general manager, brand business unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “Users can tune their system wirelessly with a tablet or smartphone or through a PC, to create a sound stage that fits their listening preference.”

The PXE-0850S overcomes inherent acoustical anomalies within vehicles to develop a well-balanced response and proper sound stage. This versatile processor can be used with a factory head unit, Alpine head unit, or other aftermarket head unit for instant sound system improvement.

Setting a Foundation for System Building

Complex factory head units can make it hard to add on aftermarket products, so DSP (Digital Signal Processor) management is key to unlocking a system for custom sound tuning. The PXE-0850S can take up to six independent signals and combine them to create a full-range signal. The full-range signal can then be sent to up to 12 independent channels, creating an opportunity to add aftermarket amplifiers and speakers to the system.

Easy Access to Detailed Sound Tuning

Now that the system’s DSP management is accessible, precise sound tuning can begin. The PXE-0850S lets users set a proper sound stage by delaying the timing from each speaker location so it reaches the driver’s ears at the same time. The 31-band parametric and graphic equalizer can dial down unwanted frequencies and flatten the response to ensure the system is replicating the music exactly as the artist intended.

The PXE-0850S can tune a system wirelessly or through a wired connection on a PC (using the included USB cable). Bluetooth wireless tuning using a smartphone or tablet requires the free “PXE-DSP-APP” found on the App Store and Google Play. The app for the wired PC connection is available through the “Support” section on . Either format allows the user to assign inputs/outputs, crossovers, time correction, and 31 bands of equalization, view them in one place, and make and hear sound adjustments with real-time results.

Tuning setups can be saved for future use in vehicles with similar setups. This is ideal for installers who routinely tune multiple vehicles, allowing them to build a library of tuning setups to save time in the future.

Adjustments from the Dash

The PXE-0850S comes with an LCD remote controller that can be flush-mounted on the dash. The rotary knob controls volume, preset storage and recall, all while displaying the results on the remote controller’s LED screen. The use of the controller is optional and it does not have to be installed if the smartphone control is enough.

The PXE-0850S is available at authorized Alpine retailers for $700 SRI. Visit for a store locator.

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About Alpine Electronics

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