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SUNNYVALE, Calif., April  30, 2015 – ACEMILE, a leading smart consumer electronics and Internet of Things technology company, is joining Amazon and its Amazon Exclusives, a new online store that gives customers direct access to innovative new products from up-and-coming brands, with its new surround sound THEATRE BOX wireless 3D speaker.

THEATRE BOX is only available in The Amazon Exclusive store on Amazon or directly from the Acemile website. Items are fulfilled by Amazon which means they are eligible for free two-day shipping for current Prime members in the U.S.

THEATRE BOX is the world’s first commercially available portable wireless speaker that delivers a 360-degree 3D surround sound audio experience to everyone in the room, no matter the orientation to the speaker. The elegant speaker has no wires and doesn’t require any apps, Internet or complicated set-up; simply pair a smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console or TV via Bluetooth v.4.0 and start enjoying 360-degree surround sound. 

 “Being included in the Amazon Exclusives store is a very important step for our company’s growth and popularity of THEATRE BOX,” said Richard Yan, founder of Acemile Inc. “We will be stronger utilizing Amazon’s reach to help consumers discover and explore our innovative speaker.”

THEATRE BOX, which has been endorsed by a Grammy™ Award winner and surround sound pioneer Herbert Waltl as well as award-winning Blues musician Marques Knox, can fill an entire room with immersive 360-degree 3D surround sound, without the need for numerous speakers, costly components or cumbersome cables. With four 2-inch full range drivers and one 3-inch active bass driver, it automatically creates the optimal listening experience using dual core digital audio processing circuitry.

Additionally, the speaker features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for up to 20 hours of playback (approximately three times longer than most comparable speakers), 125 watts of maximum power output and enhanced audio transmission using Bluetooth with AptX.

THEATRE BOX utilizes Q3D Holophony, a new technology that uses a proprietary algorithm based on sound wave field synthesis, which gauges the audio environment and delivers continuous, layered sound waves. All layers of these sound wave “bubbles” are synthesized with the 360-degree 3D audio effect, and as the bubbles reach the listener’s ears, he or she is enveloped in sound.

Conventional audio set-ups for surround sound require speakers be placed in listening positions around a room. For the optimal experience, a listener had to be located in a single spot (the “sweet spot”) where the sound beams from all the speakers converge. Only those located in the sweet spot are able to enjoy optimal 360-degree surround sound audio effect.

Now, no matter where the listener is in relation to the speaker, he or she is at the optimal listening location or sweet spot.

THEATRE BOX is available in four colors (red, white, blue and black), but initially only the black and blue models will be featured in the Amazon Exclusives store. A Mother’s Day promotion is planned for April 30May 11 and during this time, THEATRE BOX will be specially priced at $255.



ACEMILE is a Silicon Valley-based company engaged in the development of smart consumer electronics technology and Internet of Things devices. The team is committed to building hardware products and software platforms that challenge conventional thinking and exceed expectations. Led by Founder Richard Yan, ACEMILE features a global team of proven audio, wireless communications and Internet of Things professionals.  The company also has offices in Asia and Europe. Visit or call for more information.