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Hey Verizon, Can You Hear Sprint Now?

Paul Marcarelli, who once appeared as the “test man” in Verizon commercials, has begun appearing in Sprint commercials to promote Sprint’s improved reliability and...


T-Mobile: Keep On Bingeing

T-Mobile added six more music-streaming services to its Music Freedom program and 10 more video-streaming services to its Binge On program. A total of...


T-Mobile Leads In Q4 Postpaid Phone Gains

T-Mobile is successfully balancing subscriber growth with profitability, T-Mobile president/CEO John Legere declared in releasing the carrier’s fourth-quarter financial results. The quarter ending December...


FCC’s Wheeler Says Binge-On, T-Mobile

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler appeared to endorse T-Mobile’s new Binge On free video-streaming plan today, calling it “highly innovative and highly...

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