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The Near Future Of Voice Control

See also: What The Future Of Voice Control Looks Like In Smart Homes Awareness: Voice control of smartphones is building awareness of the potential...


Apple Music Service Comes To Sonos

The Apple Music subscription streaming service will be available through Sonos wireless multiroom-audio systems starting Dec. 15 when a public beta program goes into...

Keeping Current

Sonos Play:5 Review

While Gizmodo’s Mario Aguilar credits Sonos with simplifying the set-up process for its Play:5 — something that was mandatory in order to compensate for...


Sonos, Apple To Make Music Together

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Sonos became the first wireless multizone-audio supplier to announce plans to incorporate the new Apple Music streaming service, but integration...


Wireless-Multiroom Brawl

Competition in the wireless multiroom-audio market is turning into a bare-knuckled street brawl. Newcomers entering the market have made some indirect but uncomplimentary comments...


Sonos Bridges Falling Down

Santa Barbara, Calif. – Sonos is making it a little simpler and a little less expensive to build a Sonos wireless multiroom-audio system in...

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