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Unclogging The Wi-Fi Network

Consumers have long been promised a smart home that is connected, enhanced and in tune with their every want and need. But the truth...


Is The IoT All That?

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) just another new technology fad? If you ask consumers, media, analysts, tech industry professionals, and even the vendors...


Ring A Ding Ding

Ring A Ding Ding was the title of a 1961 album by Frank Sinatra, and it came to mind when I sat down to...


Will IoT Live Up To The Hype?

Remember the dawn of the Internet? Remember all the skeptics who didn’t see its transformational genius? Remember how it became enormous? It’s happening again....


Assurant Creates ‘Connected’ Division

Atlanta — Extended-service underwriter and administrator Assurant Solutions has created a dedicated division for Internet of Things (IoT) products. The company’s new 1,700-person Connected...

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