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WolfPoint Group, LLC Announces Strategic Acquisition of Gibbco, Inc.

Expanded business will serve dozens of clients from all over the world

WolfPoint Group LLC announced today that it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire Gibbco, Inc. Both companies specialize in retail sales representation, consulting and marketing services for their clientele’s business interests at Target, Best Buy and other major US retailers. Additionally, the expanded business will serve dozens of clients from all over the world.

“We’re extremely proud to join forces with one of the most storied sales and marketing firms in the country,” said Dave Ryan, Managing Partner for WolfPoint Group, LLC in a statement. “Merging Gibbco’s 60-year track record of success with WolfPoint’s unique business model allows us to provide unquestioned value to our existing clients, while taking on new clients looking to improve their retail sales.”

The Gibbco team will join WolfPoint, with Randy Preuss, President, and Nick Preuss, VP of Sales, in top leadership roles. Randy Preuss will lead the transition for existing Gibbco clients, helping them take further advantage of WolfPoint’s expanded assortment of operational tools, marketing services and support staff. A change-management team has been created to drive key aspects of the integration plan.

“This major step sustains the rich heritage of Gibbco and strengthens it with WolfPoint’s growing market position. The combined entity will have an improved ability to pursue new market opportunities while continuing to provide outstanding customer and vendor service,” said Randy Preuss, President, Gibbco Inc.

WolfPoint Group, LLC offers sales representation, retail consulting, marketing and business development services for its clients, including manufacturers, service providers and multi-channel retailers.

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