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Walmart Honors Back To The Future Day With Bacon 3D Printer

Great Scott!

Yes, it’s Back to the Future Day, and some are trying to get into the spirit to honor the 30th anniversary of the first movie (and the day Marty McFly arrived in the future in the second). 

Walmart is letting consumers “reserve” such futuristic items as jetpacks for cats and time-transporting TVs. Want a 3D printer for bacon? Better get on the waitlist.

Meanwhile, Amazon has put the sequel’s Oct. 21, 2015 chronology snippet on its home page, and has made the entire trilogy available for streaming on it Prime Video service, which is free for Prime members. You can also purchase a Flux Capacitor USB car charger from the e-tailer if you’re so inclined.

Elsewhere, Pepsi unveiled a limited number of Pepsi Perfect bottles — just 6,500 will be sold for around $20 each — and The Chemical Guys, a manufacturer of car care products, released a video showing how it cleaned and detailed the infamous time-traveling Delorian.