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Wal-Mart Details CE Dept. Upgrade

Wal-Mart has provided further details on its recent CE upgrades (see TWICE, June 2, p. 6).

Among the changes:

  • a new display center for computers with an expanded selection of accessories and ink, along with clear signage and improved shelf talkers that qualify intended usage, i.e. home, school, entertainment;
  • the introduction of touchscreen displays within the GPS sections of some stores; and
  • an increased selection of digital photo frames and lower prices on high-res digital cameras and prints.

To help promote the Blu-ray Disc format, Wal-Mart hit a $298 price point on a Magnavox player, offered a $100 gift card with the purchase of any player, and sold select Blu-ray titles for $15 within a new dedicated section. The discounter also added 58 percent more 1080p TVs.