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TWICE/Campaigners Poll: Web, Word-Of-Mouth Are Top Research Tools

About 25 percent of consumers use the Web as their primary pre-purchase resource, according to a survey conducted exclusively for TWICE by the market research firm Campaigners.

The survey’s purpose was to determine how consumers research technology products when they’re shopping.

Consumers named a number of factors to back up their pre-purchase research process, including their belief that the Web is convenient, available 24/7, includes a broad spectrum of opinions, doesn’t “use pressure tactics,” is unbiased and is free.

Web-weary traditionalists need not worry too much, however. It seems “word-of-mouth” still has some cachè. The survey found that about 23 percent of consumers use their friends, families and co-workers as their primary source for information on technology products because they’re “trustworthy, reliable, honest, easy to understand, and have first-hand knowledge.”

Other noted research sources and methods named by participating consumers included:

  • sales associates, 19 percent;
  • magazines and reviews, 11 percent;
  • speaking to someone who already owns the product they’re researching, 10 percent; and
  • TV, 9 percent.

The survey was taken by 1,798 consumers in national and regional CE stores between Feb. 12-25.

Campaigners, based here, estimates that it has driven more than $3 billion in retail sales through its in-store sales training, market intelligence, merchandising, special events and mystery shop services. For more information, visit