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TWICE On The Scene: Tweeter’s New Store Prototype

Tweeter Opco formally unveiled its latest store iteration to the trade here last month. The prototype, a remodel of an existing 10,000-square-foot store near company headquarters in Canton, Mass., features a series of self-guided, interactive displays that allow customers to demo products and visualize custom installations and whole-home integration.

Highlights include “The Video Challenge,” a concept borrowed from Pioneer in which customers can compare the color, contrast, resolution or response time of seven different flat-panel TVs simultaneously by pressing an array of “Try Me” buttons.

There’s also a Disney-like automated demonstration of whole-home controls featuring a kitchen/living room/bedroom vignette that is also activated by pressing a “Try Me” button.

Vendors on hand for the launch were enthusiastic about the new format, noting that it will help to further differentiate the A/V specialty chain from big-box competitors.