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TWICE On The Scene: DataVision Retools New York Showroom


Manhattan IT and A/V
specialty dealer DataVision is building
out its business on multiple fronts.

In the virtual world, the company has
expanded its e-commerce presence by
selling through eBay and the third-party
marketplaces of

, Best
Buy and Sears, in addition to its own

site (see TWICE, March

In the physical world, the independent
dealer has revamped the first floor of its
three-story Fifth Avenue showroom to
leverage high demand for headphones,
imaging and accessories.

For the headphones, the company
opened what president Albert Liniado
described as the industry’s first in-store
Skullcandy shop, and installed listening
stations for its House of Marley, Monster,
Sennheiser and Soul headphone
lines. “Headphone sales are off the
chart,” he said.

DataVision carried the concept over
to cameras by installing a new digital
imaging demo gallery, and merchandises
its accessories lines on branded
display walls developed with its vendor
partners. “We do tons of business in accessories,”
Liniado noted.

The biggest chunk of real estate on
the showroom’s main floor still belongs
to computers, where Apple, Asus, Compaq/
Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Samsung
and Toshiba all boast live displays. Data-
Vision worked with Intel to customize
the pricing and messaging that appears
on the laptop screens via dedicated
USB drives, and recently carved out additional
space for a freestanding tablet