TWICE E-Commerce Site Of The Week


Beginning this issue, TWICE has added a new feature to its Retailing section: the TWICE E-Commerce Site Of The Week. Each issue, we will highlight a different virtual store that raises the bar on CE cyber selling by dint of web page design, product selection, service or price. The Site Of The Week is intended to keep you apprised of cutting-edge competitors while underscoring the growing importance of the Internet as a key distribution channel.

Who: Abt Electronics, Morton Grove, Ill.

What: Online extension of brick-and-mortar business. Offers consumer electronics, microwave ovens and floor care products via a clean, easy-to-navigate design that’s based on comparison charts. "We had a lot of information on it, but we took it off," says president Michael Abt. "People know what they want."

When: Launched in 1995 as informational site; began order-taking January 1999.


Why: "We wanted to take our local service to the national level," says Philip Hannon, general manager of the 63-year-old, one-unit store. "We are almost to the point where it’s add-on plus business."


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