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Toys ‘R’ Us Sells Used Games


– Toys “R” Us has begun
selling pre-owned video games at
most of its 587 stores nationwide.

The effort follows last year’s launch
of a video game trade-in program at
the nation’s No. 1 toy chain.

The moves mirror Gamestop’s successful
buy-sell model for used software,
which is also being emulated by
Best Buy.

Toys “R” Us will offer a broad selection
of pre-owned games, priced under
$30, within the stores’ electronics departments,
a spokesman said.

Separately, the company is also
rolling out about 600 pop-up “Express”
stores in malls and shopping
centers across the country, effectively
doubling its brick-and-mortar footprint
in advance of the holiday season.

Toys “R” Us launched the program
last year with nearly 90 Express locations,
many of which have remained
open through 2010. The retailer has already
opened nearly half of this year’s
crop of 4,000-square-foot shops, beginning
in June.