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Toshiba, Crutchfield Provide DVD Players For U.S. Troops

For the past three years Toshiba and Crutchfield have worked together to provide entertainment to U.S. troops based in Iraq.

Beginning with the 2005 holiday season and continuing each year since, Toshiba has donated portable DVD players to U.S. forces here, while Crutchfield, the direct-sell retailer, has partnered in the effort by shipping them.

“Toshiba is happy to provide the players to the troops,” said Jodi Sally, marketing VP of Toshiba’s digital A/V group. “We want to show our appreciation for these brave men and women by giving something back to them.”

In a thank-you address, Lt. Col. Peter Garner, U.S. Air Force, said, “Knowing that we have the backing of people back home is an important force-multiplier in our mission here.”

Army Capt. Chris Barnecut, who leads a company that received the players, wrote in a thank-you note, “The great magnitude of your contributions and the time and effort you expended to bring this sort of support to the troops let a very positive impression on the soldiers. Considering the holidays, this morale boost couldn’t come at a better time.”

Barnecut said the players were distributed to the lowest-ranking members of his company. “The DVD players will go a long way with these young soldiers,” he noted. “It was a great surprise for them on Christmas.”