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This Tech Dealer Has The Most Productive Sales Floor In All Of Retail

Best Buy and Walmart may be the two largest brick-and-mortar tech dealers around, but when it comes to sales floor productivity no one holds a candle to Apple.

According to a report by CoStar, a commercial real estate research firm, Tim Cook & Co. are tops not just in tech, but in all of retaildom in squeezing out maximum revenue from their sales floors.

Specifically, armed with their pricey but much beloved iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches, Apple generated a staggering $5,546 in sales per square foot last year, well ahead of its next closest revenue rival, Reis & Irvy (the folks behind the Froyo Robot franchised frozen yogurt kiosks), at $3,970 per square foot.

Real estate productivity is generally considered a major component of brick-and-mortar success. And to put Apple’s achievement in context, consider that average sales per square foot for public retailers is currently around $325, down from nearly $375 in the early 2000s.

Apple’s sales metric is expected to grow even higher this year with the forthcoming release of its much anticipated 10th anniversary smartphone, the iPhone 8.