TAG's Green Steps Down

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Ted Green has resigned as executive director of The Advantage Group (TAG), the national confederation of nine distributors serving the custom installation market.

Green said he is leaving the group after six years to pursue new opportunities.

Until a successor is named, all TAG inquiries should be directed to TAG president Robert “Rabitt” Blake, at (281) 403-6300, or via e-mail at rabitt@namelectronics.com.

Green, who helped lead TAG's expansion into a leading value-added distribution group for the custom channel, said he “enjoyed working with all of the members of TAG, their installation and integration customers, and the vendor community that supports them. It has been a great experience helping to establish and grow this organization, but I am equally enthusiastic about new options and opportunities.”

Green can be reached at The Stratecon Group, Strategic Concepts in Marketing, P.O. Box 4362, Metuchen, N.J. 08840-4362; phone: (732) 321-4181; or e-mail: ted_g@compuserve.com or tedg959964@aol.com.


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