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Tablets, TVs Top Hot Holiday SKU Lists


What will the hot products
be for this fourth quarter?

Fred Towns, New Age Electronics:

With the popularity of the iPad,
any type of tablet product, especially
with e-reader capability, will be in high
demand. Other hot products for the
holiday selling season are netbooks,
headphones to listen to music and entertainment
on handheld devices and
PCs, and flat-panel TVs.

Mark Gustavson,

While the
economy is technically
out of recession, but
lagging in consumer
confidence, we expect stronger demand
for devices that enhance the
performance of previously purchased

Specific examples include videocapture
systems that make it easy
to upload to social networks; HDMI
monitors and shotgun microphones
for shooting production quality video
on d-SLRs; high-speed, high-capacity
flash memory; and plug-and-play audio
and video home-monitoring devices.
We are also seeing extensive brandmarketing
efforts by some top industry
names in anticipation of renewed customer

Warren Chaiken, Almo:

This year
we’ll continue to see demand for the
usual suspects — flat-panels TV, Bluray,
tablets and netbooks, digital cameras
and entry-level HD camcorders
— with one addition, Apple iPad and
iPhone accessories. The recent pace
of new product introductions from Apple
is driving the continued demand for

Doretta Raffio, ADI:

Tablet PCs
will definitely be the hot category
this year. For the custom-install (CI)
dealers, this includes all things that
make tablet PCs work with home controls.
Home audio products will see
a slight resurgence as services like Pandora and Rhapsody continue to
grow in popularity and streaming media
becomes more mainstream. For
CI dealers, this means an increase in
traditional speaker sales, flat-screen
mounts, and Blu-ray and receiver upgrades,
as consumers look to expand
their home theater living areas.

Doug Robison, DSI Systems:

think that ultra-thin LED, whole-home
DVR, high-speed Internet offerings with
DirecTV video products, and Monster
Cable’s line will sell well in the fourth

Rob Eby, D&H Distributing:

tablets will make a big showing
this year, such as the eLocity A7 and the
Archos tablets in different sizes. Plus,
tablets are forthcoming from Lenovo,
Toshiba, Asus and HP. This will infuse
some variety in the market that plays off
the success of the iPad. In addition,
many consumers will be upgrading their
gaming equipment this year due to new
launches like Sony PlayStation Move
and Xbox Kinect, which integrates the
user’s body motions into the gaming
experience. Xbox’s new 250GB hard
drive will be another popular upgrade
option, which can be used to download
and store HD movies, music, gaming
add-ons and more, and can be purchased
with the Kinect.