Survey: CE Shoppers Still Prefer Stores Over Websites



Despite a significant surge in online sales during the holiday selling season, the majority of shoppers still prefer to make their CE purchases at brick-and-mortar stores.

According to a survey conducted exclusively for TWICE by to Integrated Marketing Services (formerly Campaigners), a division of Advantage Sales & Marketing, nearly 69 percent of consumers said they research CE products online but ultimately buy them in retail stores.

Only 11 percent of respondents said they both research and purchase CE items online, while less than 6 percent said they go to a brick-and-mortar store to learn about a product before ordering it on the web.

Price remains the No. 1 consideration for consumers in making their purchase decision. Fifty-nine percent pointed to price as the primary driver, followed by 15 percent who cited an immediate need or desire for the product. Nine percent said the know-how of the sales staff is of utmost importance, while 6.5 percent primarily considered a retailer’s return policy.

Less than 6 percent said a website’s research capabilities, such as user or editorial reviews, are their key consideration, while less than 3 percent are swayed by free-shipping offers.

Although most people still buy CE in stores, nearly 65 percent of all respondents said they primarily turn to the web to research the products they plan to buy, compared with 10 percent who rely most on recommendations from family and friends, and 8 percent who chiefly look to sales associates for product information.

As a result of their research, nearly 90 percent of respondents feel either very or moderately informed about CE when shopping in stores and only 15 percent said they need “a lot of assistance.”

What’s more, 18.5 percent said they very often know more about a product or technology than the sales staff, while nearly 69 percent said they occasionally or somewhat often know more than a store’s associates.

The survey also showed that more than 68 percent of consumers are either very or somewhat interested in pre-packaged bundles or accessories when shopping for CE.

The poll was conducted on the eve of the holiday selling season among nearly 700 respondents, the majority of whom were female (57 percent) and between 25 and 55 (72 percent).


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