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Storis’ New Beta Testing Program Provides Retailer Incentives

Retail software solutions and services provider Storis has unveiled a new program that rewards retailers taking part in the beta testing of upcoming releases.

Participants in the Certified Beta Upgrade Program will test a product and report any suggestions in a timely manner, said Storis, noting that these opinions have a strong voice in the final release. As of a result of this volunteered participation, participants will receive access to development incentives. Noted development production VP Dom Costantino: “Quality assurance of all new releases is one of the most critical parts of our production process. Part of the reason we are able to consistently deliver new releases to our clients is their support in beta testing new revisions. Our clients’ functional testing in their real-world retail environments assures the product’s readiness. We wanted to create a program that acknowledged our clients’ valuable role in this process.”

Gardner Village, an outdoor shopping center located 12 miles outside of Salt Lake City, was among the first to participate. Storis team members went onsite to work directly with Gardner Village, optimizing its processes by using new capabilities within the software. This in turn cut down on process times and improved the user experience regarding access to information, said Storis.

Storis’ latest release, 9.7, was the first to be part of the new program. Those interested in the program can visit

More than 400 CE, furniture, bedding and major appliance retailers currently make use of Storis’ single ERP solutions, which assist with point of sale, mobile processing, supply-chain management, customer care, accounting, e-commerce and business intelligence, among other things.