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Sony Brand Tops HDTV At Retail, Survey Says

Sony HDTVs are carried by more retailers — nearly two-thirds of those surveyed — than any other brand, according to preliminary findings of a new research study.

The second-leading HDTV brand in retail penetration is Panasonic, which is sold by just under half of all dealers polled.

The HDTV study, conducted by Neretin Associates, here, is based on a survey of 121 brick-and-mortar and online retailers who control the vast majority of HDTV sales, principal Aaron Neretin said (see TWICE, May 17, p. 18). The full report, which will be delivered to subscribers this month, encompasses all HDTV formats, including direct-view, front- and rear-projection, plasma, LCD and DLP.

Rounding out the top five brands are Samsung with a 42.1 percent penetration at retail, and Toshiba and Mitsubishi tying at 39.7 percent each.

For more information, contact Neretin Associates at (973) 761-5901 or [email protected].

Retail Penetration Of HDTV Brands