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A Sneak Peek At Walmart’s Latest Electronics Department Design

To students of Walmart, store No. 5260 in Rogers, Ark., holds a special place.

For this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill Walmart box; store No. 5260, located down the interstate from corporate headquarters, has traditionally served as a retail laboratory for all manner of merchandising and display innovation.

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Recently, Field Agent, an Arkansas-based secret-shopper and marketplace intelligence service, sent 11 undercover consumers to Rogers to check out what it described as “the superstore of the future.”

The “field agents” paid particular attention to the store’s newly redesigned CE department, which is highlighted by a series of “sleek, modern displays” to better showcase mobile and wearable technologies.

Still, it will likely take more than traffic-drawing displays to reverse the chain’s CE stagnation, which allowed Amazon to take its traditional No. 2 spot on TWICE’s latest Top 100 CE Retailers Report.

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The secret shoppers were also impressed by an in-store touchscreen kiosk where customers can quickly claim and retrieve their online orders.

Overall, the agents awarded store No. 5260 4.5 stars out of five, and over 80 percent either agreed or agreed strongly that the updated format “is more appealing” than the discounter’s conventional store format.

See for yourself in the undercover photos and video below, or download the complete report here.

Tablets still garner floor space at the Rogers, Ark., store. (All photos courtesy Field Agent.)

The display spotlights the tablets’ Android heritage, while Walmart’s popular Straight Talk prepaid mobile products are merchandised behind.

Walmart was an early Apple adherent, which helped usher in a new era of tier-one brands for the onetime commodity king.

A pilot touchscreen kiosk helps customers claim their online orders quickly.

Store No. 5260 in Rogers, Ark.