Shoppers Want Sales Help: Poll

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For all the talk of unassisted consumers flocking to the Web to research and buy their CE products solo, a hefty majority of shoppers still count on the in-store sales associate to advise and guide them in the purchasing process.

According to a recent survey conducted exclusively for TWICE by Campaigners, a full-service field and marketing firm based here, fully 44 percent of CE shoppers described a sales associate's recommendation as "a very important factor" in forming their purchasing decisions.

Floor sales staffers hold even greater sway over 15 percent of respondents, who said they value employees' recommendations "the most" when deciding what to buy in CE specialty stores.

Another 32 percent consider the advice of sales associates to be "somewhat important," and acknowledge that they wield "some degree" of influence over their purchase decisions.

The poll was conducted within national and regional CE specialty chains during the second week of October.

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