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Selling Tips

While 4K UHD TVs are so amazing they should be able to sell themselves, we know they don’t

Customers need a knowledgeable salesperson to help them navigate all the information. It’s always good to start with a brief “elevator pitch,” or a “4K UHD Mission Statement.” Consider something like this:

“UHD with HDR is the biggest improvement in television since color and delivers significant advancements that go well beyond HDTV. It not only offers higher resolution, but more viewable colors and much greater contrast. The best thing is that you don’t have to replace everything at once. With a 4K UHD TV everything you watch on TV will immediately look better. With built-in apps to the major streaming services, you can enjoy 4K UHD content right away.”

Demonstrating the benefits of 4K UHD is extremely easy, since with 4K UHD TV “seeing is believing.” Proving this begins with a properly configured display area. Here are some tips:

  • Minimize reflections on the screen from windows or overhead lighting.
  • Connect the set to wired or Wi-Fi broadband that has a download speed of at least 25 Mbps.
  • Install an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and have a selection of discs on hand. Make certain that the discs have HDR content.
  • Plug a short USB extension to a USB port on the back of the set to make it easier to plug in a USB stick with UHD content. Many vendors offer them with both 4K UHD and HDR content. Ask them about content with split screens to best show the benefits of 4K UHD and HDR.
  • Have at least one demo area with a high-quality sound bar, or even better, a full multichannel audio system. Great sound ALWAYS makes the picture look better. Don’t forget the subwoofer.
  • Regardless of whether the demo area is in a separate room or out on a sales floor, always measure the distance from the screen to the viewing position so you have a screen size that maximizes the benefits of 4K UHD’s resolution. The rule of thumb is to set the minimum viewing distance about 1.5 times the screen height. Review all demo material with your sales team so everyone who uses it can show the high points in a quick, consistent manner.

When that is done, you’re ready to demo. Here are some tips:

  • While playing the content, point out that the high resolution of 4K UHD is four times that of HD. Guide the viewers to the distance where the benefit of “more pixels” is viewable.
  • Be ready to explain that this lets a larger screen be placed in the location of a smaller model without any reduction in clarity, or point out that for “close-in” viewing situations, 4K UHD lets you use a larger screen.
  • Play a standard HD disc or program to show how the benefits of 4K UHD apply to ANY content.
  • If available from your vendors, play a demo program with a side-by-side comparison between HD and 4K UHD.
  • Play a movie with HDR and compare it to an HD set or even a 4K UHD set without HDR, and point to the increased contrast by showing where blacks in a scene allow items to be viewed, and where they melt into the background on standard definition.
  • Ask your vendors if they have any demo material on a USB stick that shows a simulated split-screen presentation to display the advantages of HDR. Use YouTube content that is bookmarked for “4K UHD.”
  • Play some of the nature content or the space images from NASA to demonstrate not only the availability of free content, but to show the amazing picture quality.

The best demo is often your own. Use a 4K UHD camera to create a demo showing familiar landmarks and sites in your area that will best show off the benefits of 4K UHD. Even better, get the community involved and have a contest between the “media departments” at the local schools and ask the lead news videographer from one of the local TV stations or college to be the judge. Then, involve the town, visitor’s bureau or Chamber of Commerce and have them post it on a YouTube channel in 4K UHD.