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Sears, Kmart Pick Up GE Camera Line

Sears and Kmart will begin carrying General Imaging’s line of GE-branded digital cameras this month.

The retailers, both owned by Sears Holdings, are the first national chains to do so.

“We are thrilled to sign on with General Imaging and become the first [brick-and-mortar] retailers to carry the GE digital cameras,” said Jonathan Magasanik, VP/GMM of home electronics for Sears Holdings. “We believe the GE name carries tremendous weight with consumers, and we expect these cameras will be a big hit with our customers.”

The Home Shopping Network was first to buy into the line, which it debuted last month.

Both Sears and Kmart will offer the A730, GE’s entry-level camera, in the standard black body color, while Sears will have an exclusive on a white A830 and a navy-colored G1 compact, and Kmart will offer the A830 in blue exclusively.

All models boast sleek and intuitive design, plus a host of popular, advanced functions as standard features, including face detection, image stabilization, red-eye removal, 1600 ISO sensitivity and panoramic stitching.

Glenn Miskel, Sears Holdings’ merchandise manager, added that the cameras “present an impressive array of features and good value for Sears and Kmart customers. They will also add a welcome dash of color to our camera shelves.”

Rene Buhay, North America sales VP for General Imaging, described Sears and Kmart as “the perfect retail partners for us as we enter the marketplace,” due to each of the brands’ Americana heritage.

General Imaging, a new, independent company based in Torrance, Calif., unveiled the program in March during the Photo Marketing Association show. The line is being distributed by D&H.