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Retailers See RetailVision As Unique Opportunity

When RetailVision Fall ’99 convenes next month in Chicago, the event will once again provide a unique opportunity for technology vendors and retailers to meet face-to-face and share a wealth of information on new products, new technology, and new programs to promote sell-through.

With more than 300 vendors participating — including well-established technology leaders and emerging companies with cutting-edge products — retailers will be able to bring themselves up to speed on the hardware, software, peripherals and accessories that will be attracting consumers and driving sales.

At the same time, vendors will have the chance to present their latest products to more than 260 leading retailers and e-tailers, as well as to get retailers’ feedback on how both sides can work together to improve their business.

“There is probably no other industry event that brings together top-level management and key executives from both the vendor and retailer side and offers both sides the opportunity for meaningful and productive dialogue on improving their relationship and their sales,” said Dennis Masella, RetailVision’s marketing VP.

“Not only do retailers obtain critical insight into the newest technologies hitting the marketplace or on the horizon,” he continued, “but through the high-level interaction that takes place, they can actually influence vendors’ marketing and promotion plans to better suit their merchandising requirements.”

Jerry Greenberg, accessories and imports buyer for CompUSA, echoed that thought in his evaluation of the RetailVision events.

“I will be at RetailVision Fall ’99, and I enjoy going to the event because it provides me with the opportunity to meet with the vendors’ top executives in a non-office setting,” said Greenberg. “It helps me to form closer relationships at a higher level that helps the partnership grow.”

The multifaceted, multi-tiered sessions that take place at RetailVision make the event valuable to buyers looking to learn about specific new products and plan their assortments. The sessions also enable retailing upper management to use it for longer-range knowledge and planning.

As Costco Wholesale VP/GMM Tim Farmer put it, “It’s a good place for me to see the newest hardware that’s coming out, to see the new technologies, and to find out what’s going to be hot in the next six to nine months. I don’t sit in with the buyers at all the meetings, but I use the event as a chance to see new things that I wouldn’t see otherwise.”

RetailVision Fall ’99 will be held September 14-17 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago. Manufacturers and retailers seeking more information may call (603) 577-9856 or visit the web site at RetailVision is open to select retailers by invitation only.